Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: asadhu

  asädhu—dishonest miscreants    SB 1.17.14
  asädhu—mischievous    SB 4.14.17
  asädhu—not good    SB 5.1.37
  asädhu—a dishonesty    SB 6.5.36
  asädhu—disrespectful    SB 6.7.11
  asädhu—not very good    SB 7.8.26
  asädhu—dishonest    SB 7.9.39
  asädhu—more abominable.    Madhya 11.8
  asädhu—unsaintly person    Madhya 22.87

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: asadhu

  asädhu-maryädaù—who is without proper respect for the higher witnesses    SB 5.14.9
  asädhu-uktam—improper speech    SB 6.17.24
  asädhu-uktaù—ill names    SB 7.5.45
  asädhu-vädaù—blame    SB 3.16.5
  asädhu-vädät—from defamation    SB 8.22.3
  sädhu asädhu vä—whether honest or dishonest    SB 8.9.12