Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: aryah

  aryah—really belonging to the Aryan race    Madhya 11.192, Madhya 19.72, Antya 16.27
  aryah—those who are advanced in civilization    SB 5.8.10, SB 6.16.43
  aryah—respectable    SB 1.15.9
  aryah—Aryans    SB 3.33.7
  aryah—O respectable persons    SB-4.21.43
  aryah—those who are advanced in spiritual knowledge    SB 4.30.39-40
  aryah—those who are advanced in spiritual life, or the respectable superiors.    SB 5.5.19
  aryah—my elder brothers    SB 9.4.2
  aryah—advanced people    Madhya 20.347
  aryah—old forefathers.    Antya 16.140

Can't find any compound Sanskrit words containing aryah.