Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: arthi

  arthi—of persons in need of money    SB 8.20.10
  anna-arthī—in need of some eatables    Antya 6.216
  artha-arthī—one who desires material gain    Bg 7.16
  artha-arthī—one in need of money    Madhya 24.94
  artha-arthī—desirous of money    Madhya 24.95
  jala-arthī—desiring to drink water    SB 9.18.18
  kat-arthī-kṛtya—disrespecting    SB 5.9.17
  kat-arthī-kṛtya—neglecting    SB 5.10.7
  phala-arthī—as if He wanted some fruits    SB 10.11.10
  stana-arthī—Kṛṣṇa, who was hankering to drink His mother’s milk by sucking her breast    SB 10.7.6

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