Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: artham

  artham—for the sake of    Bg 3.9, SB 3.16.22, SB 8.5.22
  artham—purpose    SB 2.4.3-4, SB 2.10.2, SB 3.25.31
  artham—value    SB 2.9.34, Adi 1.54, Madhya 25.119
  artham—economic development    SB 3.32.1, SB 7.5.52, SB 8.20.2
  artham—for that purpose    Bg 16.11-12, SB 7.7.43
  artham—object    SB 3.30.2, SB 6.19.25
  artham—benefit    SB 5.5.15, SB 7.15.29
  artham—material benefits    Bg 17.12
  artham—reason    SB 1.16.8
  artham—in the matter of    SB 1.19.35
  artham—goal    SB 2.9.4
  artham—purpose.    SB 3.1.33
  artham—in order that    SB 3.21.21
  artham—Artha    SB 4.1.49-52
  artham—for the matter of    SB 4.7.27
  artham—the human body    SB 4.7.44
  artham—interest    SB 4.9.36
  artham—required    SB 4.26.6
  artham—use    SB 5.3.7
  artham—wealth    SB 5.26.36
  artham—for the purpose of    SB 7.1.23
  artham—the interest or purpose of life    SB 7.6.14
  artham—to keep    SB 7.12.20
  artham—benediction    SB 8.3.20-21
  artham—the aim of life    SB 8.5.30
  artham—for the ultimate goal of life    SB 8.6.13
  artham—to get nectar    SB 8.8.37

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: artham

  sva-artham—own interest    SB 4.21.25, SB 7.13.28
  sva-artham—self-interest    SB 8.19.18, SB 10.10.10
  yat-artham—for what purpose    SB 8.24.2-3, SB 8.24.29
  adhibhusana-artham—which enhances the beauty    SB 3.28.26
  akrta-artham—whose desire has not been fulfilled    SB 9.9.26-27
  amrta-artham—for getting nectar    SB 8.7.5
  anugraha-artham—to show His causeless mercy    SB 6.4.33
  anugraha-artham—to show favor    SB 8.24.15
  anukampa-artham—to show special mercy    Bg 10.11
  anupapanna-artham—in which the desired results are never obtained    SB 5.14.5
  apatya-artham—with a desire to get sons    SB 9.2.2
  apavada-artham—to counteract    SB 4.29.79
  asamvrta-artham—as it is    SB 1.18.17
  asiddha-artham—not fulfilled    SB 4.9.28
  avahasa-artham—for the matter of joking    Madhya 19.199-200
  siksa-artham—to teach them lessons    SB 7.4.45
  siksa-artham—just to instruct    Madhya 6.254
  dharma-artham—in religion or economic development    SB 7.15.15
  duhitr-artham—for a daughter    SB 9.1.14
  gata-sva-artham—without being properly utilized    SB 1.13.26
  gati-artham—for going    SB 4.25.45
  indriya-artham—for sense gratification    SB 4.22.28
  kim artham—what is the purpose    SB 6.1.34-36
  kim artham—why    Antya 6.285
  krida-artham—for the sake of pastimes    SB 8.22.20
  loka-anusasana-artham—just to instruct the people    SB 5.5.28
  loka-niriksana-artham—just to study the characteristics of the people of this world    SB 5.10.20
  makha-artham—for the sacrifice    SB 1.15.9
  mat-artham—for My sake    Bg 12.10
  mat-vadha-artham—for the purpose of killing me    SB 1.9.38
  nara-loka-sa-artham—the field of self-interested material activities    SB 5.14.41
  parama-artham—giving the ultimate goal of life    SB 5.12.11
  parama-artham—full of meaning    Madhya 1.203
  parama-purusa-artham—the best of all human achievements    SB 5.6.17
  pariksa-artham—just to examine    SB 9.24.32
  pinda-artham—welfare after death    SB 4.21.25
  praja-artham—for the sake of getting sons    SB 9.1.13
  prati-upakara-artham—for the sake of getting some return    Bg 17.21
  pratisedha-artham—counteract    SB 2.10.45
  pratyaya-artham—just to see the potency of the mystic power    SB 9.24.33
  priya-artham—for the satisfaction    SB 9.6.22
  puja-artham—for worship    Bg 17.18
  sa-artham—the conditioned souls, who are interested in false ideas    SB 5.13.2
  sa-artham—taking interest in that life    SB 5.13.19
  samsaya-artham—the subject matter that is not clear to me    SB 5.12.3
  samjna-artham—for information    Bg 1.7
  siddha-artham—a mustard seed    SB 5.17.21
  snana-artham—for bathing    SB 5.17.9
  sva-artham—his self-interest    SB 6.18.25
  tat-artham—for the sake of the body    SB 3.31.31
  tat-artham—to get sons    SB 9.20.35
  tat-priya-artham—and for His satisfaction    SB 10.1.23
  udaka-artham—for getting some water    SB 9.16.3
  upadesa-artham—for instructing    SB 8.1.5
  upakara-artham—just to benefit them    SB 4.21.20
  visuddhi-artham—for purifying    SB 3.6.34
  visuddhi-artham—for the purpose of perfect knowledge    Adi 2.91-92
  vidhana-artham—for executing    SB 1.8.20
  vivaha-artham—for the sake of marriage    SB 3.22.14
  yajna-artham—for performing sacrifices    SB 9.13.18
  yat-artham—for the sake of which    SB 3.21.23
  yat-artham—the purpose    SB 3.21.56
  yat-artham—in coordination with Him    SB 4.23.1-3
  yat-artham—what was the purpose    SB 8.5.11-12
  yatra-artham—just to maintain the body and soul together    SB 7.15.15
  yavat-artham—as much as necessary    SB 7.12.6
  yavat-artham—as far as possible    SB 7.12.13-14
  yavat-artham—as much endeavor for oneís livelihood as necessary    SB 7.14.5
  atma-artham—selfish interest    SB 1.4.12
  atma-visuddhi-artham—for self-purification    SB 6.19.19-20