Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: arthaih

  arthaiḥ—by wealth    SB 3.30.10, Adi 9.42
  arthaiḥ—by my possessions    SB 6.7.37
  arthaiḥ—even if some benefit is derived    SB 7.13.31
  arthaiḥ—by what is desired    SB 8.8.6
  arthaiḥ—for fulfillment of ambition    SB 8.19.23
  a-sva-arthaiḥ—not meant for self-interest    SB 6.10.10
  kriyā-arthaiḥ—by fruitive activities and their results    SB 5.18.36
  yajñā-avaśiṣṭa-arthaiḥ—things obtained after a sacrifice is offered to the Lord or after the recommended pañca-sūnā yajña is performed    SB 7.14.14

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