Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: artha

  artha—meaning    SB 2.9.1, SB 4.24.40, Adi 1.104, Adi 2.60, Adi 2.72, Adi 3.3, Adi 4.54, Adi 4.94, Adi 4.99-100, Adi 4.101 (and more...)
  artha—the meaning    Adi 2.4, Adi 2.7, Adi 2.93, Adi 3.33, Adi 3.55, Adi 3.67, Adi 3.105-106, Adi 3.112, Adi 3.113, Adi 4.3 (and more...)
  artha—meanings    Madhya 6.190, Madhya 6.195, Madhya 13.161, Madhya 24.10, Madhya 24.30, Madhya 24.66, Madhya 24.68, Madhya 24.105, Madhya 24.210, Madhya 24.211 (and more...)
  artha—economic development    SB 1.9.28, SB 1.18.45, SB 3.7.32, SB 3.32.5, SB 4.22.34, SB 4.23.35, SB 4.25.39, SB 5.4.14, SB 7.6.26, SB 7.7.39 (and more...)
  artha—import    SB 3.16.14, Madhya 1.263, Madhya 24.163, Madhya 24.221, Madhya 24.284, Madhya 24.303, Madhya 24.306, Madhya 24.323
  artha—wealth    Bg 16.11-12, SB 3.29.33, SB 7.9.10, Madhya 20.59, Antya 4.69, Antya 16.26
  artha—interest    SB 3.7.23, SB-4.21.34, SB 4.24.59, Adi 7.1
  artha—riches    SB 4.22.23, SB 4.22.33, SB 7.4.31-32, Madhya 9.269
  artha—of the meaning    Adi 1.30, Adi 17.20, Madhya 24.23, Madhya 25.142
  artha—imports    Madhya 24.283, Madhya 24.306, Madhya 24.311, Madhya 24.312
  artha—explanation    Adi 16.42, Adi 16.45, Adi 16.92
  artha—purpose    Bg 3.18, SB 3.3.28
  artha—the objects of the senses    SB 3.32.9, SB 8.5.27
  artha—value    SB 6.17.28, Madhya 9.270
  artha—of meanings    Madhya 6.132, Madhya 13.134
  artha—money    Madhya 16.219, Antya 4.215
  artha—gain    Bg 2.5
  artha—the object    Bg 13.8-12
  artha—importance    SB 1.15.27
  artha—economic    SB 2.1.3
  artha—the phenomenon    SB 3.5.30
  artha—subject    SB 3.8.13
  artha—material facility    SB 3.16.20
  artha—the purpose    SB 3.29.31
  artha—objects of senses    SB 3.31.14
  artha—the sense objects    SB 3.33.2
  artha—of your interest    SB 4.19.28
  artha—the real purpose of the Vedas    SB-4.21.42
  artha—the goal of life    SB 4.25.6
  artha—sense objects    SB 4.29.70
  artha—for the purpose of    SB 4.31.7
  artha—by material opulence    SB 5.1.12
  artha—with desirable opulences    SB 5.5.35
  artha—on values    SB 6.2.38
  artha—object    SB 6.15.26
  artha—as a fact    SB 7.2.48
  artha—accumulation of wealth    SB 7.15.22
  artha—reality    SB 7.15.58
  artha—objective    SB 8.9.28
  artha—with the sense objects    SB 8.20.22
  artha—purport    Adi 7.146
  artha—giving the meaning    Madhya 1.60
  artha—material gain    Madhya 20.8
  artha—a meaning    Madhya 21.90
  artha—object, goal    Madhya 24.181
  artha—the import    Madhya 24.316
  arthā—for money    SB 6.11.19
  artha-daḥ—giving desired things    Madhya 22.40, Madhya 24.103, Madhya 24.199
  gauṇa-artha—indirect meaning    Adi 7.110, Adi 7.133, Madhya 6.134
  puruṣa-artha—goal of life    SB 3.13.50, Adi 7.85, Adi 7.144
  ei artha—this explanation    Madhya 21.42, Madhya 25.97
  kṛta-artha—successful    Madhya 3.15, Madhya 9.161
  kṛta-artha—fully satisfied    Antya 2.7, Antya 2.9
  mukhya-artha—direct meaning    Adi 7.137, Madhya 6.134
  abhipreta-artha—the desire    SB 5.3.2
  akhila-artha-lābham—the achievement of all kinds of gains    Madhya 24.52
  akṛta-artha-vat—being unsatisfied, poor and hungry    SB 9.9.26-27
  alpa-artha—small (unimportant) purpose    SB 3.1.4
  artha śuni—by hearing the meaning (of the ātmārāma verse)    Madhya 24.314
  artha śuni—hearing the meaning    Antya 20.15
  artha haya—there are the meanings.    Madhya 24.162
  artha kare—makes the meaning    Antya 16.141
  artha kare—He explains the meaning    Antya 18.9
  artha karena—He explains    Madhya 25.24
  artha karena—explains    Antya 18.8
  artha kari—explaining the meaning    Madhya 21.122
  artha karilā—explained its meaning.    Antya 19.90
  artha praśaṁsi—praising the meaning.    Antya 1.100
  artha-aṁśūn—the shining rays of different meanings    Madhya 24.1
  artha-abhijñatā—having full knowledge of past, present and future    Madhya 20.361
  artha-abhāvam—without substance    SB 3.7.18
  artha-alaṅkāra—ornaments of meaning.    Adi 16.72
  artha-alaṅkāra—ornamental use of the meaning    Adi 16.78
  artha-alaṅkāra—ornamental use of meaning    Adi 16.78
  artha-anudarśinā—whose instructions were quite befitting    SB 8.15.32
  artha-arthī—one who desires material gain    Bg 7.16
  artha-arthī—one in need of money    Madhya 24.94
  artha-arthī—desirous of money    Madhya 24.95
  artha-bhedaḥ—differentiation of value    SB 6.17.30
  artha-bhūtasya—having his real interest    SB 4.29.36-37
  artha-bhāvaḥ—matters of self-interest.    SB 9.6.52
  artha-buddhiḥ—being self-interested    SB 6.18.71
  artha-dam—full of meaning.    SB 7.6.1
  artha-daḥ—the bestower of benedictions    SB 5.19.27
  artha-daḥ—beneficial    SB 9.9.28
  artha-dīpaiḥ—by the light of purposeful instruction    SB 8.24.53
  artha-dhiyām—who aspire to fulfill material desires    SB 5.3.15
  artha-dṛk—self-interested    SB 7.13.29
  artha-dṛṣṭim—considering to be the aim of life    SB 4.29.47
  artha-dā—beneficial    SB 7.14.40
  artha-īhayā—with a desire for accumulating wealth    SB 7.15.16
  artha-gataye—to understand the meaning    Antya 1.186
  artha-indriya-ārāmaḥ—too attached to material enjoyment    SB 6.18.39
  artha-jñāt—than one who knows the purpose of the Vedas    SB 3.29.32
  artha-kṛcchrāt—because of poverty, or scarcity of money    SB 8.22.3
  artha-kṛt—required.    SB 7.12.9
  artha-kṛt—which can give us success.    SB 8.21.19
  artha-kāśiṣu—in the glittering fruitive result    SB 4.29.47
  artha-kāmayoḥ—for the sake of lusty desires and getting more and more money    SB 8.19.25
  artha-māninaḥ—considering as valuable    SB 7.5.31
  artha-nirdhāraṇa—ascertaining the meaning.    Antya 17.54
  artha-nirṇaya—demonstration of import    Madhya 24.70
  artha-nivedanena—by giving them everything.    SB 8.15.3
  artha-niyāma-katayā—due to being the controller of the objects    SB 5.7.6
  artha-padavīm—the path of my object    SB 7.7.9
  artha-paraḥ—intent upon gaining wealth    SB 5.13.1
  artha-paraḥ—who is very attached to money    SB 5.14.1
  artha-pradīpam—is the light required for seeing in darkness    SB 10.8.30
  artha-pratyayaḥ—regarding as the ultimate goal of life    SB 5.3.13
  artha-prāpti—obtainment of meanings.    Madhya 24.11
  artha-racanāḥ—material achievements    SB 3.23.8
  artha-rūpeṇa—in the form of various objects    SB 3.32.28
  artha-saṅkāśaiḥ—appearing as if needed    SB 7.7.45
  artha-svarūpam—this entire visible cosmic manifestation    SB 5.18.31
  artha-sāra—the real purport.    Madhya 9.102
  artha-sāra—the actual meaning.    Madhya 25.153
  artha-tantraḥ—the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is always determined to protect the sādhus and kill the asādhus    SB 10.2.21
  artha-tṛṣṇām—a strong desire to acquire money    SB 7.6.10
  artha-vat—with clear meaning.    SB 4.24.16
  artha-vat—meaningful    SB 6.18.22
  artha-vat vacaḥ—the prayers, which were full of meaning    SB 4.20.34
  artha-vedinām—persons who understand only sense gratification    SB 4.22.13
  artha-vibhrame—the root of all acceptance and rejection    SB 7.13.43
  artha-viśeṣaḥ—special necessity    SB 6.9.42
  artha-viśeṣe—particular meaning.    Antya 19.108
  artha-vit—being very wise.    SB 4.9.28
  artha-vivaraṇa—description of the meaning    Adi 5.92
  artha-vivaraṇa—the meaning and explanation.    Antya 3.182
  artha-vivaraṇa—describing the meaning.    Antya 20.137
  artha-vyasta—the opposite meaning    Antya 7.134
  artha-vyaya-nāśa-cintayā—by the thought of expenditure and loss    SB 5.26.36
  artha-vyākhyāne—description of the meaning    Antya 7.84
  artha-vāda—interpretation    Adi 17.72
  artha-vāṇī—the aim of life, the aim of profit    SB 10.13.2
  artha-āśrayatvam—that which conveys the meaning of an object    SB 3.26.33
  artha-āgamam—purposeful    SB 4.8.24
  artha-ātma-gatayaḥ—all other means of perfection (namely religion, economic development, sense gratification and liberation)    SB 5.17.3
  avasita-artha—fully convinced of one’s interest    SB-4.21.33
  bahu artha—many meanings    Antya 7.85
  bhakti-artha—the bhakti interpretation    Adi 10.77
  bhakti-artha—the real meaning of devotional service    Antya 3.216
  bhinna artha—different meanings    Madhya 24.35
  bhāgavata-artha—meaning of the Bhāgavatam    Antya 7.54
  bhāgavata-artha—the meaning of Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam    Antya 7.82
  bhāgavata-artha—the purport of Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam    Antya 7.82
  bhārata-artha-vinirṇayaḥ—the ascertainment of the Mahābhārata    Madhya 25.143-144
  bhāva-artha—purport    Madhya 13.123
  bāhya artha karibāre—to explain the external meanings    Antya 3.48
  bāhya-artha—the external meaning    Antya 7.168
  śabda-artha—the word's intended meaning    Adi 16.59
  śabda-artha—the meaning of the words    Madhya 9.98
  śabdera artha—the meaning of the word    Madhya 24.71
  śloka-artha—the total meaning of the verse    Madhya 24.70
  śloka-artha—the meaning of the verse    Madhya 25.260
  ślokera artha—the meaning of that verse    Antya 1.76
  cāri artha—four meanings    Madhya 24.211
  cāri śabdera artha—the meanings of these four words    Madhya 24.293
  cāri puruṣa-artha—the four kinds of so-called goals of life    Madhya 24.64
  deśa-kāla-artha-tattva-jñaḥ—very experienced according to time, place and circumstances    SB 10.11.22
  dharma-artha-dugha—benefit derived from religion and economic development    SB 4.6.44
  dharma-artha-kāma-mokṣa—the four principles religiosity, economic development, sense gratification and liberation    SB 4.8.41
  dharma-kāma-artha-vimukti-kāmāḥ—persons who desire the four principles of religion, economic development, sense gratification and salvation    SB 8.3.19
  dui artha—two meanings    Madhya 24.284
  e artha—this confidential meaning    Antya 1.87
  ei artha—this meaning    Antya 7.87
  ei artha tāra—this is the perfect meaning of the verse.    Madhya 24.301
  ei śloka-artha—the meaning of this verse    Madhya 13.123
  ei ślokera artha—the meanings of this verse    Madhya 25.161
  ei dui artha mili—by adding these two imports    Madhya 24.283
  ei sāta artha—these seven different meanings    Madhya 24.153
  ei tarajāra artha—the meaning of this sonnet    Antya 19.24
  ei ūnaṣaṣṭi prakāra artha—in this way fifty-nine imports    Madhya 24.302
  eka-ṣaṣṭi artha—sixty-one different meanings of the verse    Madhya 25.162
  gambhīra artha—very grave meaning    Madhya 25.91
  garhā-artha kaya—in the sense of censure.    Madhya 24.225
  gauṇa artha kaya—this is also another secondary import.    Madhya 24.224
  gītāra artha—the meaning of the Bhagavad-gītā    Adi 5.90
  grantha-artha-āsvāda—understanding of the whole contents of the book.    Madhya 25.262
  guṇa śabdera artha—the meaning of the word guṇa    Madhya 24.41
  gūḍha artha—deep meaning    Antya 3.48
  gūḍha artha—the deep meaning    Antya 5.22
  gūḍha-artha—confidential meaning    Madhya 1.83
  hīna-artha—of the necessities of the conditioned souls, who are poor in spiritual knowledge    Madhya 21.1
  hīna-artha-adhika-sādhake—who bestows greater benedictions upon one who is fallen and possesses no good qualities    Madhya 23.29
  indriya-artha—for sense gratification    SB 3.9.9
  indriya-artha—sense gratification    SB 3.23.53
  indriya-artha—sense gratification as the ultimate goal of life    SB 4.22.13
  indriya-artha—for the satisfaction of the senses    SB 4.22.33
  indriya-artha—sense objects    SB 4.29.18-20
  indriya-artha—in sense gratification    SB 7.9.43
  indriya-artha—the objects of the senses    Madhya 23.24
  itaretara artha—different and separate meanings    Madhya 24.148
  ittham-bhūta-śabdera artha—the meaning or import of the word ittham-bhūta    Madhya 24.36
  kriyā-arthā—for fruitive activities.    SB 3.9.9
  kṛta-artha—very much obliged.    Adi 7.91
  kṛta-artha—favor.    Madhya 1.274
  kṛta-artha—very successful.    Madhya 9.80
  kṛta-artha—obliged    Antya 16.21
  kṛta-artha ha-ilāṅa—have become very much obligated    Madhya 12.62
  kṛta-artha hailā—have become graced.    Madhya 13.97
  kṛta-artha karilā—you have obliged    Antya 1.133
  kārya-artha-gaurave—in the matter of an important duty    SB 8.6.20
  mat-artha—for Me    Adi 4.176
  mukhya-artha—chief meaning    Madhya 6.135
  mukhya-artha—the original meaning    Madhya 25.25
  mukhya-artha—the direct meaning    Madhya 25.26
  mukhya-artha-vivaraṇa—description of the direct meaning    Madhya 25.89
  mūla-artha—the real meaning    Madhya 24.106
  nava artha—of the nine different types of explanations    Madhya 6.193
  nisṛṣṭa-arthā—authorized    Antya 1.189
  nānā artha kaya—there are varieties of imports.    Madhya 24.318
  nānā-artha—different imports    Madhya 24.59
  pada-artha—knowledge    SB 4.7.31
  pada-artha—categories    Adi 2.93
  pada-artha—subject matter    Madhya 6.272
  pada-artha—meanings    Antya 17.40
  pañcama puruṣa-artha—the fifth platform of perfection of life    Madhya 9.261
  pañcama-puruṣa-artha—the fifth and ultimate goal of life    Madhya 23.101
  para-artha-bhavakāḥ—very beneficial to others    Antya 15.32
  para-artha-niṣṭhāḥ—interested in working for others by giving them the benefit of the Kṛṣṇa consciousness movement, by enlightening them with Kṛṣṇa consciousness    SB 7.9.44
  parama-artha—transcendental subject matter    SB 5.1.6
  parama-artha—the goal of life    Antya 6.225
  parama-artha thākuka—what to speak of spiritual advancement    Madhya 12.24
  parama-artha-lakṣaṇena—with spiritual symptoms    SB 5.15.7
  parama-artha-vicāra—discussion on spiritual matters    Madhya 25.43
  parama-artha-vidām—of those who know the highest goal    Adi 3.87
  parama-puruṣa-artha—the highest benediction of life.    Antya 4.12
  prapanna-bhakta-artha-vidhau—in the regulative principles observed by pure devotees    SB 8.23.2
  priya-artha-vidhuram—without any beneficial object    SB 5.14.15
  prāṇa-artha-vat—for one who has life or money    SB 7.13.33
  puruṣa-artha—of the real goal of life    SB 4.9.17
  puruṣa-artha—of the ultimate goal of life    SB 4.30.21
  puruṣa-artha—the goals of life    SB 5.3.8
  puruṣa-artha—achievement of the goal of life    Adi 7.84
  puruṣa-artha—achievements.    Adi 7.84
  puruṣa-artha—human interest    Madhya 6.184
  puruṣa-artha—interest of the living being    Madhya 19.164
  puruṣa-artha—the different types of human interests.    Madhya 19.164
  puruṣa-artha-śiromaṇi—the topmost interest of the living entity    Madhya 20.125
  pālana-artha—for maintenance    Madhya 20.314
  sahaja-artha—the clear, simple meaning    Adi 7.133
  saṅkṣepa-artha—a brief explanation    Madhya 1.77
  sarasvatīra artha—the meaning of mother Sarasvatī    Antya 5.147
  sarva artha—all potencies    Antya 9.44
  sarva-artha—including all sequences    SB 1.5.3
  sarva-artha—four kinds of achievements    SB 4.22.33
  sarva-artha-vadhaḥ—killing all beneficial opportunities    SB 9.9.28
  sei artha—that same meaning    Madhya 25.94
  sei artha—the same purpose    Madhya 25.96
  sei artha haya—that is the only meaning    Madhya 24.311
  sei śloka-artha—the meaning of that verse    Antya 1.73
  sthiti-artha—wealth for maintenance    Antya 4.214
  sukha-da-artha—a meaning that is pleasing to accept    Madhya 25.29
  sva-artha—own interest    SB 2.9.40
  sva-artha—interest    SB 4.22.32
  sva-artha—in their own interest    SB 6.18.74
  sva-artha-gatim—the ultimate goal of life, or their own real interest    SB 7.5.31
  sva-artha-kuśalāḥ—who are expert in the interest of life    SB 6.9.39
  sva-artha-kāmayoḥ—of one’s ultimate goal and benefit    SB 7.15.65
  sva-artha-paraḥ—interested only in sense gratification in this life or the next    SB 6.10.6
  sva-artha-unmūlita—uprooted because of intense selfishness    SB 10.4.8
  sva-bhṛtya-artha-kṛtaḥ—for the interest of their servants    SB 3.4.25
  sva-jana-artha-dārān—relatives, riches and a beautiful wife    SB 5.14.44
  sva-sukha-artha—for the purpose of one's own pleasure    Adi 4.204
  sūtra-artha—the meaning of the Brahma-sūtra, or Vedānta philosophy    Madhya 25.47
  sūtra-artha—the meanings of the sūtras    Madhya 25.92
  sūtrera artha—the meaning of the sūtras    Madhya 6.130
  sūtrera artha—meanings of the sūtras    Madhya 6.131
  sāra-artha—essential meaning    Adi 1.105
  teiśa artha—twenty-three different varieties of imports    Madhya 24.220
  tera artha—thirteen imports    Madhya 24.163
  tina artha—three imports    Madhya 24.283
  tulya-artha—results as equal    Madhya 19.216
  tāṅra sūtrera artha—the meaning of Vyāsadeva's Vedānta-sūtra    Madhya 25.92
  tāra artha—the meanings of those Vedic literatures    Madhya 25.98
  tāra artha—their meaning    Antya 20.138
  ubhaya-artha-śūnya—which cannot give happiness either in this life or in the next    SB 5.14.12
  veda-artha-paribṛṁhitaḥ—expanded by the meanings of all the Vedas    Madhya 25.143-144
  viruddha-artha—contrary meaning    Adi 2.87
  vyākhyāta-arthā—and while complaining against Him before mother Yaśodā    SB 10.8.31
  yathā-artha—as it is true    Adi 17.172
  yathā-artha mūlya kari—estimating the proper price    Antya 9.54
  yathā-artha mūlye—for the proper price    Antya 9.48
  yathā-artha-mūlye—at a proper price    Antya 9.52
  yei artha—which meaning    Antya 17.50
  yāvat-artha—as much as necessary    SB 3.28.4
  yāvat-artha—as much as one needs    SB 8.19.17
  āhata-artha—frustrated    SB 3.9.10
  āra artha—another import    Madhya 24.226
  āra tina artha—another three imports    Madhya 24.220
  āṭhāra artha—eighteen meanings    Madhya 24.4
  āṭānna artha kaya—fifty-eight imports are automatically derived.    Madhya 24.298

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