Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: arkah

  arkah—the sun    SB 1.5.7, SB 2.5.11, SB 3.8.14, SB 7.2.35
  arkah—Arka    SB 6.6.10-11, SB 9.21.31-33
  arkah—sun-god    SB 4.16.14
  arkah—the sun.    SB 4.16.20

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: arkah

  purana-arkah—the Purana which is brilliant like the sun    SB 1.3.43
  purana-arkah—Purana or Vedic literature that shines like the sun    Madhya 24.321
  samvarta-arkah—the sun at the time of destruction    SB 7.3.3