Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: ari

  ari—enemy    Bg 6.9, Bg 14.22-25, SB 1.15.11, SB 3.2.16
  ari—of the enemy    SB 3.18.6
  ari—disc    SB 6.8.12
  ari—enemies    SB 6.16.5

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: ari

  indra-ari—the enemies of Lord Indra    Adi 2.67, Madhya 9.143, Madhya 20.156, Madhya 25.134
  ari-bhayat—out of fear of the enemies    SB 3.4.16
  ari-bhit—piercing the enemy    SB 7.9.15
  ari-sankitah—being afraid of such enemies.    SB 9.17.13
  ari-dara—by the disc and conchshell    SB 5.7.7
  ari-dusitan—infected by the enemies    SB 4.28.8
  ari-puram—the city of the enemy    SB 2.7.24
  ari-pure—even in the city of enemies    Madhya 23.27
  ari-sainyam—the army of our enemies    SB 6.8.23
  ari-sainyam—the soldiers of the enemy    SB 6.8.26
  ari-sannidhau—in front of his enemy    SB 6.12.6
  ari-vara—and the best of weapons, the Sudarsana cakra    SB 5.9.20
  baka-ari—of the enemy of Bakasura    SB 10.12.26
  baka-ari-usat-mukham—the beautiful face of Krsna, the enemy of Bakasura    SB 10.12.24
  hata-ari—to enemies killed by Him    Madhya 23.79-81
  indra-ari—the enemies of Indra    SB 1.3.28
  indra-ari—the demons    Adi 5.79
  mrga-ari—the enemy of the animals    Madhya 24.242
  sura-ari-yutha-pah—the other leaders of the demons (not only Hiranyakasipu).    SB 7.8.16