Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: arhat

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: arhat

  arhat-nama—whose name was Arhat (now known as the Jain)    SB 5.6.9
  arhat-tama—the most respectable    SB 4.7.15
  arhat-tama—O most exalted, worshipable person    SB 5.3.4-5
  arhat-tama—O most worshipable of the worshipable    SB 5.3.10
  arhat-tama—O supreme of all worshipable persons    SB 7.9.50
  arhat-tama—O best of those who are worshipable    SB 8.18.32
  arhat-tamam—the most worshipable person, the king    SB 9.19.23