Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: arhanam

  arhaṇam—worship    SB 4.31.14, SB 10.2.34, Madhya 22.63
  arhaṇam—respectful worship    SB 1.9.41
  arhaṇam—worshiping    SB 2.4.15
  arhaṇam—just suitable    SB 2.9.19
  arhaṇam—gem    SB 3.21.45-47
  arhaṇam—honor    SB 3.21.49
  arhaṇam—offering of worship    SB 5.3.4-5
  arhaṇam—offering respect    SB 5.5.26
  arhaṇam—the worship    SB 5.18.21
  arhaṇam—worshiping the Deity    SB 8.16.47
  arhaṇam—all paraphernalia for worshiping the Lord    SB 9.10.13
  arhaṇam—paraphernalia for worship    SB 9.15.24
  arhaṇam—humble reception    SB 9.20.14
  arhaṇam—in the shape of worshiping the Supreme Personality of Godhead    SB 10.12.34
  a-tat-arhaṇam—on which he should not have lamented    SB 4.28.22
  a-tat-arhaṇam—not fit to be chastised (due to his noble character and tender age)    SB 7.8.3-4
  a-tat-arhaṇam—which was not at all sanctioned by the śāstras.    SB 10.1.10
  mat-arhaṇam—worship of Me    SB 3.21.24

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