Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: arditah

  arditaù—affected    SB 3.4.31
  arditaù—moved.    SB 3.29.6
  arditaù—suffering    SB 5.13.5
  arditaù—being fatigued and aggrieved    SB 5.13.8
  arditäù—being so distressed.    SB 3.11.30

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: arditah

  ghåëä-arditaù—therefore, being compassionate due to causeless mercy    SB 10.12.27
  kñudhä arditäù—we are fatigued with hunger    SB 10.13.6
  kñut-tåö-arditäù—afflicted by hunger and thirst.    SB 3.20.20
  yakñma-graha-arditaù—being oppressed by a disease that brings about gradual destruction.    SB 6.6.23