Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: arcanam

  arcanam—worshiping.    SB 3.28.2, SB 10.7.32
  arcanam—offering worship (with sodasopacara, the sixteen kinds of paraphernalia)    SB 7.5.23-24
  arcanam—worshiping the Deity of Lord Krsna, Lord Ramacandra, Laksmi-Narayana or the other forms of Visnu    Madhya 9.259-260

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: arcanam

  dvija-arcanam—worshiping the brahmanas or Vaisnavas    SB 7.14.25
  mama arcanam—worshiping Me    SB 8.17.17
  mat-arcanam—for worshiping Me    Adi 14.69
  pitr-deva-arcanam—the worship of the forefathers and the demigods    SB 10.5.1-2
  purusa-arcanam—worship of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.    SB 3.28.4