Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: apramattah

  apramattah—one who is careful    SB 1.18.8
  apramattah—without being mad after them    SB 2.2.3
  apramattah—although never bewildered    SB 3.4.17
  apramattah—attentive    SB 3.29.39
  apramattah—without being misguided    SB 4.20.33
  apramattah—without any illusion    SB 4.23.12
  apramattah—completely in transcendence    SB 4.24.66
  apramattah—not being covered by ignorance or illusion, very careful    SB 5.5.14
  apramattah—one who is without illusion    SB 5.11.17
  apramattah—without being mad or deviated to any other conclusion    SB 6.16.64

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