Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: aprajah

  aprajah—being childless.    SB 4.8.2
  aprajah—without any son.    SB 4.13.31
  aprajah—one who has no children    SB 4.23.33
  aprajah—sonless    SB 9.21.30
  aprajah—without a son    SB 4.13.43
  aprajah—without sons    SB 6.18.19
  aprajah—remained sonless    SB 9.9.38
  aprajah—without any sons    SB 9.23.7-10
  aprajah—although he had no sons    SB 9.23.7-10

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: aprajah

  aprajah api—although issueless    SB 9.23.35-36