Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: apavarga

  apavarga—of liberation    SB 3.25.25, Adi 1.60, Madhya 22.86, Madhya 23.16
  apavarga—in liberation    SB 6.17.28, Madhya 19.216
  apavarga—cessation of bodily existence    SB 3.25.12
  apavarga—the path of liberation    SB 4.24.37
  apavarga—of transcendental loving service    SB 4.30.30
  apavarga—ending    SB 5.14.29
  apavarga—on the path of liberation    Madhya 9.270
  apavarga-śaraṇam—which are the shelter meant for liberation from this horrible condition of material existence    SB 7.9.16
  apavarga-dvārasya—the gate of liberation    SB 5.24.19
  apavarga-hetoḥ—desiring liberation    SB 8.7.20
  apavarga-ākhyam—by the name of liberation    SB 1.18.16
  apavarga-ākhyam—called apavarga (liberation)    SB 5.3.9
  svarga-apavarga-adhipateḥ—able to bestow happiness obtainable by living in the heavenly kingdom. by liberation, or by enjoyment of material comfort and then liberation    SB 5.5.25
  svarga-apavarga-kāmānām—who are desirous of achieving heavenly planets or liberation    SB 5.8.23
  vyavāya-apavarga—at the end of their period of sexual enjoyment    SB 5.17.12

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