Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: apatya

  apatya—children    SB 2.1.4, SB 3.31.42, SB 4.12.16, SB 4.24.3, SB 5.24.8, SB 7.7.44
  apatya—from her children    SB 3.17.2
  apatya—progeny    SB 3.31.41
  apatya—of children    Adi 13.73
  apatya—placing    SB 7.8.29

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: apatya

  apatya-artham—with a desire to get sons    SB 9.2.2
  apatya-guptaye—giving protection to your sons    SB 8.17.18
  apatya-kamah—desiring to have sons    SB 5.3.1
  apatya-kamah—desiring offspring    SB 5.3.13
  apatya-kamah—desiring a son.    SB 5.9.12
  apatya-kamyaya—desiring a son    SB 9.15.8
  apatya-kama—desirous of having a child    SB 3.14.8
  apatya-kamayah—desiring to get a son    SB 9.9.26-27
  apatya-matya—thinking to be your son    SB 3.1.13
  apatya-viraha—by separation from her son    SB 3.33.21
  dara-apatya-adayah—beginning with the wife and children    SB 5.14.3
  hrta-apatya—bereft of my two sons, the lambs    SB 9.14.29
  kad-apatya—by a bad son    SB 4.13.43
  kalatra-apatya—wives and children    SB 5.24.29
  para-vitta-apatya-kalatrani—the money, wife and children of another    SB 5.26.8
  tat-apatya—of his daughter    SB 3.22.39