Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: apaham

  apaham—destroying    SB 4.31.24
  apaham—finishing.    SB 8.12.46
  agha-apaham—which frees one from all reactions to sins    SB 6.2.47-48
  bhava-apaham—who stops the devotees’ repetition of birth and death    SB 5.17.18
  bhava-apahām—that which kills all material pangs    SB 3.13.50
  śuca-apaham—vanishing all disparity    SB 1.6.18
  jana-kalmaṣa-apaham—which washes away all the sinful reactions of the people in general    SB 8.18.28
  kali-kalmaṣa-apaham—diminishing the contamination of the Kali-yuga    SB 8.4.14
  kalmaṣa-apaham—that which drives away all kinds of sinful reaction    Madhya 14.13
  loka-śamala-apaham—by hearing of which the contamination of the whole material world is vanquished.    SB 10.8.47
  mala-apaham—the agent for sanctification.    SB 1.1.16
  mala-apaham—decreasing the contamination    SB 4.23.35
  pāpa-apaham—the killer of sinful reactions    SB 5.23.9

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