Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: anyera

  anyera—of others    Adi 2.88, Adi 6.55-56, Adi 6.107, Adi 8.20, Madhya 2.23, Madhya 8.45, Madhya 8.204-205, Madhya 13.137, Antya 8.39, Antya 19.49
  anyera—others    Adi 4.258
  anyera—for others    Antya 16.49
  anyera—by others    Antya 16.142
  anyera ki kāya—apart from the actions of others    Madhya 13.178
  anyera kā kathā—what to speak of others    Antya 3.265
  anyera nimantraṇa—for others' invitations    Antya 10.154-155

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