Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: anyatha

  anyatha—otherwise    SB 1.14.44, SB 1.19.36, SB 2.2.3, SB 2.10.6, SB 4.20.14, SB, SB 4.29.2b, SB 5.19.5, SB 5.24.20, SB 6.2.33 (and more...)
  anyatha—otherwise.    SB 7.13.16-17, Adi 7.76, Adi 17.21
  anyatha—just the opposite    SB 7.3.11, SB 9.4.70
  anyatha—others.    Bg 13.8-12
  anyatha—apart    SB 1.5.14
  anyatha—by other means.    SB 1.5.40
  anyatha—by any other means.    SB 6.2.46
  anyatha—without being in such a relationship as master and servant    SB 7.10.6
  anyatha—other.    Madhya 6.242
  anyatha—other than    Madhya 7.22
  anyatha—other    Madhya 24.135
  anyatha—and otherwise    Antya 9.44
  gantum anyatha—to become otherwise    SB 8.17.17
  na anyatha—not otherwise    SB 4.1.30
  na anyatha—not for any other purpose    SB 10.8.4
  na anyatha—nothing more.    SB 10.12.42
  na anyatha—not any other purpose    Madhya 8.40
  nanu anyatha—otherwise    SB 3.1.44
  nahika anyatha—it is certain.    Antya 15.45

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