Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: anya

  anya—other    Bg 7.20, Bg 9.23, SB 3.1.42, SB 3.15.23, SB 3.27.10, SB 4.8.12, SB 5.17.3, Adi 1.77, Adi 3.65, Adi 4.161 (and more...)
  anya—anyone else    Madhya 8.237, Madhya 12.186, Madhya 22.95, Madhya 24.316, Madhya 25.268
  anya—other    SB 5.22.2, Adi 7.119, Madhya 8.153, Madhya 20.112, Madhya 24.308
  anya—others    SB 4.19.27, Adi 10.82, Madhya 17.99, Madhya 22.97, Antya 16.29
  anya—another    Adi 17.123, Madhya 20.196, Madhya 20.201, Antya 3.55
  anya—different    Antya 16.111, Antya 17.37
  anya—another    SB 5.20.35, Madhya 6.154
  anya—any other    SB 10.13.37, Adi 5.140
  anya—othersí    SB 3.15.21
  anya—from others    SB 3.22.33
  anya—someone else    Adi 12.16
  anya—any other    Madhya 14.222
  anya—else    Madhya 21.121
  anya—other types    Madhya 22.88-90
  anya—for others    Madhya 22.144
  anya—that other    Antya 3.55
  anya—anything else    Antya 4.58
  anya—other,    Antya 5.141
  anya—diverted    Antya 6.7
  anya—other.    Antya 17.68
  anya—anyone else    Madhya 8.182

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: anya

  anya-jana—anyone else.    Madhya 8.285, Madhya 8.287
  anadhigata-anya-upayena—who is not perceived by other means    SB 5.24.23
  anya avatara—another incarnation    Madhya 20.362
  anya desa—to another country.    Madhya 10.124
  anya desa—other countries    Madhya 13.146
  anya dehe—in a body other than those of the gopis    Madhya 9.137
  anya dhane—any other riches.    Madhya 14.223
  anya gati—other resort.    Madhya 16.89
  anya grama—other villages    Madhya 9.7-8
  anya grhe—to another room    Antya 10.56
  anya hetu—another cause    Madhya 10.173
  anya jana—other persons    Madhya 2.23
  anya jana—others    Madhya 15.284
  anya kaha—you talk of someone else    Madhya 10.157
  anya loka—other people    Adi 17.87
  anya naya—and no one else.    Antya 20.49
  anya nai—nothing else.    Adi 8.68
  anya rasa—other tastes    Antya 16.121-122
  anya rite—in a different way.    Madhya 25.47
  anya sanga—other associates    Madhya 13.146
  anya sannyasira—of another sannyasi    Antya 13.57
  anya sthana—to another place    Antya 19.48
  anya sthane—to another place    Antya 4.47
  anya vesa—different dress    Madhya 13.146
  anya achuk—let alone others    Madhya 13.98
  anya thani—in other places    Madhya 13.53
  anya-abhilasita-sunyam—without desires other than those for the service of Lord Krsna, or without material desires (such as those for meat-eating, illicit sex, gambling and addiction to intoxicants)    Madhya 19.167
  anya-abhinivesam—absorption in something else (in material things)    SB 6.15.20
  anya-apanuttaye—for avoiding misery    SB 7.13.26
  anya-apeksa—dependence on others    Madhya 8.102
  anya-avatara—the incarnations in other yugas    Madhya 20.352
  anya-bhavam—consciousness other than Krsna consciousness    SB 9.9.48
  anya-bhavah—any other type of consciousness    Madhya 17.138
  anya-citte—diverted in the mind.    Antya 15.52
  anya-coditah—which is introduced by someone else    SB 7.15.13
  anya-sastra—other scriptures    Madhya 22.119
  anya-desa—in other countries    Madhya 17.228-229
  anya-deha—of another body    SB 3.31.17
  anya-dehaya—for another material body    SB 5.1.16
  anya-deva—other demigods    Madhya 22.119
  anya-dhih—all other concepts of life (the bodily concept of life)    SB 4.23.12
  anya-duhkham—the difficulties of others    Madhya 2.18
  anya-grami—inhabitants from different villages    Madhya 7.103
  anya-hetoh—for other purposes    SB 4.9.9
  anya-jana—others    Madhya 15.101
  anya-jana—others.    Antya 6.103
  anya-janmani—in the next birth    SB 4.1.36
  anya-jive—other living entities    Antya 3.81
  anya-karena—with the right hand    SB 8.12.21
  anya-kathana—talking of other things    Adi 10.98
  anya-katha—other topics    Antya 17.55
  anya-kami—one who desires many other things    Madhya 22.37
  anya-lokam—to another planet, or the planet of Yamaraja    SB 6.14.58
  anya-ninda-adi—of blasphemy of others, etc    NoI 5
  anya-prasangatah—from attachment to any other object    SB 3.31.35
  anya-puja—other types of worship    Madhya 19.168
  anya-rasa—other tastes    Antya 16.123
  anya-siddhi—perfection due to anything else    Madhya 21.117
  anya-sthane—in another place.    Madhya 13.183
  anya-sthane—to another place    Antya 15.68
  anya-tamah—most different    SB 7.2.41
  anya-tama—anyone    SB 4.25.29
  anya-upadese—by instructing others    Antya 3.11
  anya-vijnapyam—we have to inform You    SB 8.6.14
  anya-vismarana—forgetting all others    Antya 16.113
  anya-vancha—other desires    Madhya 19.168
  anya-yositah—other women    SB 4.3.12
  anya-akara—another form    Adi 17.280
  anya-asakta-vimukhan—persons attached not to fighting but to some other subject matter    SB 10.4.35
  anyah anya—one after another    SB 7.9.41
  ca anya—anyone else.    Madhya 8.182
  mukta-anya-sangah—being freed from all material contamination    SB 4.23.37
  na anya-bandhu—who had no other friend    SB 6.2.28
  na anya-gamina—without being deviated    Bg 8.8
  nahi jane anya—do not know anything else.    Adi 5.229
  vigata-anya-vacah—stopping all other sounds.    Madhya 24.176
  vyudasta-anya-bhavah—being freed from all other attractions    Madhya 24.48