Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: anvitah

  anvitah—endowed    SB 4.20.9, SB 6.10.13-14
  anvitah—endowed with    SB 7.3.23, Madhya 23.70
  anvitah—endowed.    SB 3.32.2
  anvitah—being accompanied    SB 4.19.4
  anvitah—being absorbed in    SB 4.22.52
  anvitah—thus being absorbed    SB 4.24.78
  anvitah—along with.    SB 4.25.49
  anvitah—surcharged.    SB 8.16.25
  anvitah—being surrounded, Lord Ramacandra    SB 9.10.19
  anvitah—possessed of    Bg 17.1
  anvitah—impelled by    Bg 17.5-6
  anvitah—endowed    SB 3.32.16
  anvitah—fully expert in such matters    SB 8.21.2-3
  anvitah—endowed with    SB 10.4.27

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: anvitah

  sraddhaya-anvitah—with faith    Bg 9.23
  sraddhaya anvitah—with great faith    SB 3.27.6
  sraddhaya anvitah—and with faith    SB 9.21.6
  sraddhaya anvitah—endowed with faith    SB 6.1.13-14
  sraddha-anvitah—endowed with faith    SB 6.13.8-9
  sraddha-anvitah—with transcendental faith    Antya 5.48
  sraddha-anvitah—with faith and conviction    SB 4.24.62
  sruta-dhara-anvitah—along with his friend Srutadhara.    SB 4.25.50
  sruta-dhara-anvitah—with his friend Srutadhara.    SB 4.25.51
  daya-anvitah—being compassionate.    SB 4.30.14
  guna-anvitah—qualified.    SB 2.6.24
  guna-anvitah—endowed with all good qualities    SB 9.9.29
  guna-anvitah—full of their respective qualities    SB 8.18.4
  guna-anvitah—all of them being qualified in that process    SB 9.10.50
  grha-anvitah—a person attached to household life    SB 8.16.9
  harsa-soka-anvitah—complicated, with joy and sorrow    Bg 18.27
  linga-anvitah—covered by the subtle body    SB 7.2.47
  mada-anvitah—absorbed in conceit    Bg 16.10
  mada-anvitah—absorbed in pride    Bg 16.17
  muda anvitah—all surcharged with great pleasure    SB 8.7.1
  muda anvitah—being joyous in their attitude    SB 10.3.7-8
  muda-anvitah—in a pleasing mood    SB 7.11.1
  muda-anvitah—in great happiness    SB 4.30.11
  muda-anvitah—being very pleased with him.    SB 8.20.19
  na anvitah—nor inherent in    SB 7.15.59
  pratibha-anvitah—genius.    Madhya 23.71
  rusa-anvitah—being very angry at this    SB 8.11.29
  rusa-anvitah—being very angry    SB 8.11.31
  rusa-anvitah—because of being very angry.    SB 9.22.36
  rupa-guna-anvitah—qualitative.    SB 2.5.26-29
  tat-anvitah—thus accompanied by them    SB 10.12.32
  tatra anvitah—engaged in that business    SB 8.14.6
  tvara-anvitah—with great speed.    SB 3.18.1
  tvara-anvitah—with great haste.    SB 8.11.19
  uru-bala-anvitah—extremely powerful    SB 3.5.34
  vayasa-anvitah—having a youthful age.    Madhya 23.70