Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: anuvratah

  anuvrataḥ—a follower in His footsteps    SB 1.12.24
  anuvrataḥ—very obedient    SB 2.9.41
  anuvrataḥ—constant follower.    SB 3.3.18
  anuvrataḥ—serving.    SB 3.3.23
  anuvrataḥ—followers    SB 3.6.31
  anuvrataḥ—followed.    SB 3.20.3
  anuvrataḥ—a follower of    SB 4.13.39
  anuvrataḥ—favorable or pleased    SB 7.5.12
  anuvrataḥ—following in their footsteps.    SB 10.1.46
  anuvratāḥ—devotees    SB 2.9.10
  anuvratāḥ—all faithful.    SB 3.14.14
  anuvratāḥ—following in your footsteps    SB 7.10.21
  anuvratāḥ—strict followers    Madhya 20.270
  kaṁsam anuvratāḥ—even though apparently followers of Kaṁsa.    SB 10.1.62-63
  tat-anuvratāḥ—his (Dakṣa’s) followers    SB 4.3.24
  tat-anuvratāḥ—their followers    SB 6.14.60
  tat-anuvratāḥ—followed Lord Śiva (remained silent).    SB 6.17.9

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