Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: anuvada

  anuvada—the subject    Adi 2.7, Adi 2.75, Adi 2.76, Adi 2.80, Adi 2.82
  anuvada—repetition    Adi 17.311, Adi 17.312
  anuvada—subjects    Adi 2.6
  anuvada—subject    Adi 2.77
  anuvada—the known    Adi 16.56
  anuvada—known things    Adi 16.57
  anuvada—assessment    Madhya 25.242

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: anuvada

  antya-lila-ganera kari anuvada—I beg to repeat all the facts of this Antya-lila    Antya 20.102
  anuvada haite—by repeating them again    Antya 20.140
  anuvada kaile—by assessing in that way    Madhya 25.242
  anuvada kaile—if it is repeated    Antya 20.102
  anuvada-paribhasaya—by explanatory repetition of words spoken previously by the King    SB 5.10.14
  guna-anuvada—of the transcendental name, form, qualities, pastimes, entourage and paraphernalia, etc.    SB 3.7.14
  hrdaya-anuvada—expression of feelings.    Antya 1.117
  kailun anuvada—I have made repetition    Madhya 25.262