Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: anugrahaya

  anugrahāya—just to show mercy    SB 4.22.16, SB 9.24.61
  anugrahāya—to show favor    SB 5.19.9, Adi 3.111
  anugrahāya—due to being compassionate towards them    SB 3.5.3
  anugrahāya—for showing mercy    SB 3.20.25
  anugrahāya—for bestowing mercy    SB 3.21.20
  anugrahāya—for the matter of showing you mercy    SB 4.24.27
  anugrahāya—just to show favor    SB 6.15.18-19
  anugrahāya—for the special favor    SB 7.8.56
  anugrahāya—to show mercy    SB 8.24.27
  anugrahāya—for showing favor    Adi 4.34
  mat-anugrahāya—just to show me favor    Bg 11.1
  sat-anugrahāya—for the sake of the devotees    SB 3.9.2
  sat-anugrahāya—to show Your causeless mercy.    SB 3.9.11
  tat-anugrahāya—to show His mercy    SB 5.17.14

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