Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: anugraha

  anugraha—mercy    SB 4.14.33, Madhya 6.122, Antya 7.168
  anugraha—to show His grace    SB 3.17.31
  anugraha—to bestow blessings    SB 3.28.17
  anugraha—to bestow mercy    SB 4.9.17
  anugraha—by kindness    SB 4.20.20
  anugraha—merciful    Adi 7.55
  anugraha—mercy.    Madhya 6.116
  anugraha—of the blessing    Antya 8.32

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: anugraha

  anugraha-artham—to show His causeless mercy    SB 6.4.33
  anugraha-artham—to show favor    SB 8.24.15
  anugraha-arthaya—for the sake of obliging    SB 1.12.16
  anugraha-arthaya—for the purpose of giving special mercy    SB 10.10.7
  anugraha-bhajanah—object of favor    SB 3.4.14
  anugraha-drsti—merciful glance    SB 2.7.28
  anugraha-isitam—to bestow benediction    SB 1.10.27
  anugraha-kataram—eager to show mercy    Antya 10.1
  bhuta-anugraha-katarah—very much anxious to bestow benedictions upon the fallen conditioned souls    SB 6.5.39
  krta-anugraha—manifested by His grace    SB 4.7.24
  mat-anugraha-arthah—thinking that to achieve My mercy is the aim of life    SB 5.5.15
  praja-anugraha—doing good to the living being    SB 1.19.19