Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: anubhavam

  anubhavam—influence    SB 1.5.31
  anubhavam—glories    SB 1.9.19
  anubhavam—His power    SB 5.4.1
  anubhavam—character    SB 6.18.17
  anubhavam—the activities    SB 7.10.47
  anubhavam—as a result of such influence    SB 9.10.27

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: anubhavam

  sruta-anubhavam—whose glories you have heard    SB 3.32.11
  mat-anubhavam—My superexcellent power    SB 8.22.36
  para-anubhavam—because of his pure devotion to the Supreme Lord.    SB 9.5.24
  parama-anubhavam—the inconceivable prowess    SB 9.4.62
  sva-anubhavam—self-assimilated (experienced)    SB 1.2.3