Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: antya

  antya—last    Adi 13.14
  antya—the final    Madhya 1.18
  antya—final    Antya 1.11

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: antya

  antya-lila—the final pastimes    Adi 13.37
  antya-lila—last pastimes    Madhya 1.20
  antya-lila—of the last division of His pastimes    Madhya 2.1
  antya-lila—the last pastimes    Antya 1.9
  antya-lila-ganera kari anuvada—I beg to repeat all the facts of this Antya-lila    Antya 20.102
  antya-lila-sutra-gana—a synopsis of the antya-lila    Antya 1.10
  antya-lilara—of the pastimes at the end, known as antya-lila    Madhya 1.248
  ei antya-lila-sara—the essence of the antya-lila (Lord Caitanya's pastimes at the end)    Madhya 2.91
  adi-lila madhya-lila antya-lila ara—therefore there are three periods, namely the adi-lila, madhya-lila and antya-lila    Madhya 1.21