Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: ante

  ante—at the end    Bg 8.6, SB 2.1.6, SB 2.7.39, SB 3.20.49, SB 3.25.8, SB 4.9.24, SB 4.24.79, SB 6.16.36, SB 7.15.57, SB 9.12.6 (and more...)
  ante—after    Bg 7.19
  ante—at the end of    SB 3.11.36
  ante—at the end of life    SB 3.19.38
  ante—at the end of many births    SB 4.29.1a-2a
  ante—at the ultimate end    SB 6.9.45
  ante—at the time of death    SB 7.10.39
  ante—in the end    SB 8.6.10
  ante—after death    SB 10.10.10
  kalpa-ante—at the end of the millennium    SB 4.9.14, SB 7.3.11, SB 9.1.8
  sahasra-ante—at the end of one thousand    SB 3.6.38, SB 4.30.4, SB 8.12.44
  cāturmāsya-ante—at the end of Cāturmāsya    Madhya 1.111, Madhya 16.59
  rātra-ante—at the end of night    SB 4.8.72, SB 4.8.72
  yuga-ante—at the end of the millennium    SB 3.33.4, SB 5.18.6
  abda-ante—at the end of the year    SB 9.14.40
  ante avasāyibhyaḥ—unto the caṇḍālas, the lowest of men (dog-eaters and hog-eaters)    SB 7.14.11
  atīta-kalpa-ante—at the end of the period of the last Manu, or at the end of the last millennium    SB 9.1.2-3
  catuḥ-yuga-ante—at the end of every four yugas (Satya, Dvāpara, Tretā and Kali)    SB 8.14.4
  dvādaśa-abda-ante—after twelve years    SB 9.9.37
  jala-ante—where the water is    SB 8.6.39
  kalpa-ante—at the end of Brahmā's day    SB 1.6.29
  kalpa-ante—(the dissolution) at the end of a kalpa    SB 4.10.27
  kalpa-ante—at the end of every day of Lord Brahmā    SB 7.3.26-27
  kalpa-ante—at the end of the kalpa    SB 8.24.7
  līlā-ante—at the end of Our pastimes    Adi 4.256
  loka-traya-ante—at the end of the three lokas (Bhūrloka, Bhuvarloka and Svarloka)    SB 5.20.37
  niśā-ante—at the time of devastation    SB 10.3.31
  nṛtya-ante—after dancing    Madhya 1.145
  saṁvatsara-ante—at the end of the year    SB 5.18.15
  saṁvatsara-ante—after one year    SB 6.9.6
  saṁvatsara-ante—at the end of every year    SB 9.14.39
  sahasra-ante—of thousands of years    SB 2.5.34
  sapta-rātra-ante—at the end of seven nights    SB 6.16.28
  sva-ante—within Her heart    Antya 1.151
  tat-ante—at the end.    SB 1.16.32-33
  tat-ante—when it ended    SB 9.3.30
  udaka-ante—on the bank of the river    SB 5.8.1
  utsava-ante—after the festival    Adi 5.172
  vrata-ante—at the end of observing the vow    SB 9.4.30
  yuga-ante—at the end of.    SB 2.7.38

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