Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: antakam

  antakam—death.    SB 3.18.15, SB 6.1.26
  antakam—the lord of death.    SB 3.29.45
  antakam—killing    SB 4.5.6
  antakam—eternal time.    SB 4.6.33
  antakam—killers.    SB 4.11.19
  antakam—death personified    SB 4.12.30
  antakam—Antaka, or Yamaraja.    SB 6.10.15
  antakam—for her own annihilation    SB 10.6.8

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: antakam

  alaksita-antakam—the cause of death being unknown    SB 6.14.50-51
  asat-antakam—who could kill all demons    SB 10.6.7
  kula-antakam—the annihilator of the dynasty    SB 9.15.14