Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: anta

  anta—the limit.    Adi 13.45, Madhya 21.10, Antya 18.13, Antya 18.15, Antya 18.21, Antya 20.70
  anta—at the end    SB 1.18.4, SB 3.32.20, SB 8.8.33
  anta—end    Adi 2.103, Adi 4.231, Madhya 1.42
  anta—the end.    Madhya 16.289, Madhya 20.222, Madhya 21.12
  anta—limit    Adi 11.56, Madhya 21.14
  anta—end.    Adi 17.331, Madhya 14.25
  anta—an end    Madhya 4.168, Madhya 23.62
  anta—limit.    Madhya 18.223, Madhya 20.370
  anta—dissolution    SB 3.5.22
  anta—of dissolution    SB 3.32.7
  anta—destruction    SB 4.1.16
  anta—limitation.    Adi 4.255
  anta—the end    Madhya 2.25
  anta—and end    Madhya 7.153
  anta—limits.    Madhya 24.353
  antā—at the end    Adi 15.4
  yuga-anta—at the end of the millennium    SB 2.7.12, SB 3.8.17, SB 6.8.23, SB 6.9.12, SB 9.6.18
  anta-kāle—at the end of life    Bg 2.72, Bg 8.5
  kṛta-anta-mukhe—in the repetition of birth and death.    Madhya 24.166, Madhya 24.213
  anta nā pāya—cannot find the limit    Madhya 21.8
  anta nāhi pāna—does not reach the end.    Adi 5.121
  anta-gatam—completely eradicated    Bg 7.28
  anta-karaḥ—destroyer    SB 3.29.45
  anta-karaḥ—annihilator    SB 4.11.19
  anta-kṛt—the destroyer.    SB 3.29.39
  anta-kālam—last moments of life    SB 2.7.29
  anta-kāle—at the last stage of life    SB 2.1.15
  anta-kāle—at the time of dissolution    SB 4.5.10
  anta-kāle—at the time of death    SB 5.19.13
  anta-kāle—at the time of annihilation    SB 8.7.32
  anta-vat—perishable.    SB 4.9.31
  anurāga-anta—up to the end of subecstatic love.    Madhya 24.33
  bhakti-siddhāntera anta—all the conclusions of devotional service.    Madhya 25.3
  brahma-anta—ending with Lord Brahmā    SB 7.6.20-23
  eka-anta—unalloyed    SB 1.15.33
  eka-anta—absolutely    SB 1.15.50
  eka-anta—the one which has no comparison    SB 3.6.37
  kalpa-anta—in the beginning of the devastation    SB 3.11.31
  kṣura-anta—and as sharp as a razor    SB 7.8.19-22
  kṛta-anta—death    SB 4.22.35
  kṛta-anta-antika-varti—always given the facility for death    SB 8.22.11
  lekhāra anta—it is beyond the power of writing.    Madhya 20.324
  nahe kathā-anta—there was no end to such topics.    Antya 5.64
  netra-anta—the end of the eye    Madhya 21.105
  nāhi pāya anta—cannot understand the limit.    Antya 1.116
  rāga-daśā-anta—up to the point of spontaneous attachment.    Madhya 24.32
  tava anta-kṛt—who will kill you    SB 10.4.12
  taṭa-anta—on the edge of the bank    Madhya 8.107
  velā-kūla-anta—near the banks    SB 6.5.16
  yuga-anta—devastation    SB 3.8.23
  yuga-anta-agni—like the fire at the end of every millennium    SB 6.12.2
  yuga-anta-arṇave—in the water of devastation at the end of the millennium    SB 5.18.28
  ādi-anta—in both the beginning and the end    SB 6.16.36
  ādi-anta-vantaḥ—who all have a beginning and end    SB 7.9.49
  ādi-anta-vat—everything material has a beginning and an end    SB 5.10.11

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