Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: anjali

  anjali—handful    Adi 9.30
  anjali—with folded hands    SB 4.20.35-36
  anjali—palmful    SB 8.24.12

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: anjali

  anjali-gatam—in the water held in the palms of the King    SB 8.24.13
  baddha-anjali—with folded hands    SB 10.10.28
  baddha-anjali-putah—with folded hands    SB 7.8.37-39
  dhrta-anjali-putah—with hands touched to the head    SB 4.7.23
  dui anjali—two palmfuls    Antya 16.46
  eka anjali—one palmful    Antya 16.46
  puspa-anjali—the ceremony of offering flowers to the Lord    Antya 6.214
  tina anjali—three palmfuls    Antya 16.46