Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: anikam

  anikam—an army    SB 4.10.16

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: anikam

  ghana-anikam—bunches of clouds    SB 2.10.43
  jyotih-anikam—the luminary planets    SB 2.1.28
  jyotih-anikam—great wheel of planets and stars    SB 5.23.4
  jyotih-anikam—the luminaries    SB 10.7.35-36
  pandava-anikam—the soldiers of the Pandavas    Bg 1.2
  sura-anikam—numbers of demigods    SB 7.1.12
  vibudha-anikam—the host of demigods, headed by Lord Brahma and Lord Siva    SB 8.4.26