Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: angustha

  aṅguṣṭha—by the measure of a thumb    SB 1.12.8
  aṅguṣṭha—the upper portion of the thumb    SB 3.13.18
  aṅguṣṭha—thumb    SB 3.13.22
  aṅguṣṭha—of the big toe    SB 5.17.1
  aṅguṣṭha-parva-mātrāḥ—whose size is that of a thumb    SB 5.21.17
  aṅguṣṭha-parvasu—to the joints of the thumbs.    SB 6.8.7
  anguṣṭha-trayam—a length of three fingers    Antya 1.161
  pada-aṅguṣṭha—the toes of His lotus feet    SB-4.21.31
  pada-aṅguṣṭha-viniḥsṛtā—emanating from the toe of the Lord    Madhya 24.217
  pāda-aṅguṣṭha—with the big toes of his feet    SB 7.3.2
  pāda-aṅguṣṭha—His toe    Antya 12.50
  tat-aṅguṣṭha—his big toe    SB 4.8.79

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