Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: anghri

  aṅghri—feet    SB 1.16.35, SB 1.18.20, SB 3.2.18, SB 3.5.42, SB 3.31.3, SB 5.1.19, SB 6.8.4-6, SB 7.9.36
  aṅghri—legs    SB 2.5.35, SB 3.7.22, SB 3.19.26, SB 4.29.4, SB 9.5.8, SB 10.6.22-23
  aṅghri—lotus feet    SB 3.15.48, SB-4.21.32, SB 4.24.51
  aṅghri—the legs    SB 2.5.31
  aṅghri—at Your lotus feet    SB 3.15.49
  aṅghri—of the feet    SB 3.16.9
  aṅghri—at Your feet    SB 3.16.20
  aṅghri—Your toe    SB 3.33.4
  aṅghri—leg    SB 4.8.20
  aṅghri—by the lotus feet    SB 4.9.42-43
  aṅghri—on the lotus feet    SB 5.1.23
  aṅghri—of feet    Antya 4.63
  aṅghri-paṅkajam—the lotus feet    SB 1.11.6, SB-4.21.33, SB 7.2.32
  aṅghri-paṅkaja—lotuslike feet    Adi 5.141, Madhya 20.306
  aṅghri-saroja—of the lotus feet    Madhya 8.224, Madhya 9.123
  kṛṣṇa-aṅghri—the lotus feet of the Lord, Śrī Kṛṣṇa    SB 1.19.5, SB 1.19.6
  ṣaṭ-aṅghri—of bumblebees    SB 4.29.53, SB 4.29.54
  tava aṅghri—of Your lotus feet    Madhya 8.147, Madhya 9.114
  advaita-aṅghri—the lotus feet of Advaita Ācārya    Adi 12.1
  aṅghri-bandhau—the roots of the two trees    SB 10.10.27
  aṅghri-chāyām—shade of Your feet    SB 3.5.40
  aṅghri-śrita—under the protection of His feet    SB 2.1.37
  aṅghri-dvandvam—pair of lotus feet    SB 3.15.44
  aṅghri-kamala—of lotus feet    SB 5.25.4
  aṅghri-mūlam—Your feet    SB 3.18.22-23
  aṅghri-mūlam—to the soles of the lotus feet    SB 7.9.16
  aṅghri-padma-sudhāya—by the nectar derived from the lotus feet of Kṛṣṇa    Madhya 8.226
  aṅghri-padmaḥ—whose lotus feet    SB 6.8.12
  aṅghri-paṅkajam—lotus feet    SB 7.8.51
  aṅghri-paṅkajam—your lotus feet    SB 8.7.26
  aṅghri-pallavaḥ—His lotus feet.    SB 9.11.36
  aṅghri-pātam—putting on the steps    SB 3.1.37
  aṅghri-pāḥ—the trees    Madhya 23.114
  aṅghri-sevane—in service of the lotus feet.    Madhya 22.130
  aṅghri-tale—beneath the feet, or on the sole    SB 8.20.23
  aṅghri-yugam—the feet of the Lord    SB 1.11.33
  aṅghri-yugaḥ—whose two feet    SB 7.4.9-12
  aṅghri-yugmam—the two lotus feet    SB 10.13.62
  aṅghri-yugmam anukṛṣya—dragging Their legs    SB 10.8.22
  baddha-setu-bhuja-uru-aṅghri—whose arms, thighs and feet were strongly built bridges    SB 10.6.15-17
  bhāgavata-aṅghri-reṇum—the dust of the feet of a pure devotee    SB 2.3.23
  śekharita-aṅghri-reṇuḥ—the dust of whose lotus feet is the crown    Adi 6.73
  cintita-aṅghri-dvandvam—thinking of your two lotus feet    SB 8.7.33
  dakṣiṇa-aṅghri-saroruham—the right lotus foot    SB 3.4.8
  dhṛta-aṅghri-padmaḥ—whose lotus feet are bound    Madhya 25.128
  īśa-aṅghri—of the lotus feet of the Lord    SB 6.2.17
  kvaṇat-aṅghri-śobhām—whose beauty was heightened by the tinkling ornaments on her feet    SB 3.22.17
  kṛṣṇa-aṅghri—the lotus feet of the Lord    SB 3.2.4
  kṛṣṇa-aṅghri-padma—of the lotus feet of Lord Kṛṣṇa    SB 6.3.33
  kāma-dugha-aṅghri-padmam—the lotus feet of the Lord, which can award all desired fruits    SB 3.8.26
  mukunda-aṅghri—the lotus feet of the Lord    SB 1.5.19
  mukunda-aṅghri—of the lotus feet of Mukunda    Madhya 3.6
  mṛdu-aṅghri-hatam—struck by His beautiful, delicate legs    SB 10.7.7
  pragṛhīta-aṅghri-padmam—his lotus feet having been taken shelter of.    SB 4.6.5
  suparṇa-aṁsa-kṛta-aṅghri-pallavaḥ—the Supreme Personality of Godhead, whose lotus feet spread over the two shoulders of Garuḍa    SB 8.10.54
  tat-aṅghri—of His lotus feet    SB 5.1.35
  tat-aṅghri—of Lord Viṣṇu's lotus feet    Madhya 22.136
  tava-aṅghri—of Your lotus feet    Madhya 24.54
  tvat-aṅghri—your feet    SB 4.25.28
  tvat-aṅghri—Your lotus feet    SB 4.30.32
  vāsudeva-aṅghri—the lotus feet of the Lord    SB 1.15.29
  yat-aṅghri—whose lotus feet    SB 2.4.21
  yaviṣṭha-aṅghri—at the lotus feet of a junior    SB 6.7.33
  yāvat kara-aṅghri-ādikam—exactly to the measurement of their particular varieties of legs and hands    SB 10.13.19
  ā-aṅghri-mastakam—from the feet up to the top of the head    SB 10.13.49

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