Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: angah

  aṅgaḥ—his limbs    SB 3.30.7, SB 4.14.44
  aṅgaḥ—King Aṅga    SB 4.13.25, SB 4.13.29
  aṅgaḥ—whose body    Adi 1.9, Adi 5.50
  aṅgaḥ—different bodily parts    SB 1.6.17
  aṅgaḥ—Aṅga    SB 2.7.43-45
  aṅgaḥ—body    SB 3.13.28
  aṅgaḥ—a part    SB 4.3.19
  aṅgaḥ—his body    SB 4.12.18
  aṅgāḥ—bodies.    SB 3.15.25
  aṅgāḥ—bodily limbs.    Madhya 24.88
  hema-aṅgaḥ—whose body was like molten gold    Adi 3.49, Madhya 10.170
  sarva-aṅgaḥ—all over the body    SB 3.31.6, SB 4.26.12
  vara-aṅgaḥ—having a most beautiful body    Adi 3.49, Madhya 10.170
  anulipta-aṅgaḥ—with sandalwood pulp smeared all over the body    SB 7.13.41
  anāvṛta-aṅgaḥ—uncovered body    SB 5.9.9-10
  dhūli-dhūsarita-aṅgaḥ tvam—You have become covered with dust and sand all over Your body    SB 10.11.18
  hema-aṅgaḥ—having a body like molten gold    Madhya 6.104
  kaṇṭaka-viddha-aṅgaḥ—a person whose body has been pinpricked    SB 10.10.14
  komala-aṅgaḥ—with a body as soft as a lotus flower    Madhya 13.78
  nata-aṅgaḥ—falling down    SB 10.3.12
  nivīta-aṅgaḥ—whose body was adorned from the neck down to the feet    SB 6.4.35-39
  nānā-bhāva-alaṅkṛta-aṅgaḥ—having many ecstatic symptoms manifested in His transcendental body    Madhya 11.1
  saṁhanana-aṅgaḥ—whose limbs were firm    SB 5.9.9-10
  saṁhanana-aṅgaḥ—having very firm limbs    SB 5.10.1
  saṁhanana-aṅgaḥ—having a firm, tolerant body    SB 5.10.6
  sañchinna-bhinna-sarva-aṅgāḥ—all the limbs wounded    SB 4.6.1-2
  sarva-aṅgaḥ—every part of the body    SB 3.2.5
  sarva-aṅgaḥ—whose entire body    SB 5.26.15
  sarva-aṅgāḥ—complete    SB 4.7.4
  sat-cit-ānanda-sāndra-aṅgaḥ—the concentrated form of eternity, knowledge, bliss    Madhya 23.79-81
  suramya-aṅgaḥ—having the most beautiful transcendental body    Madhya 23.70
  ujjvala-aṅgaḥ—whose beautiful body    Antya 1.165
  vara-aṅgaḥ—whose body is very beautifully constructed    Madhya 6.104
  ṛju-aṅgaḥ—the body perpendicularly straight    SB 7.15.31

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