Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: andha

  andha—blind    SB 4.13.10, SB 4.29.29, SB 5.5.29, SB 5.9.3, SB 8.16.56, SB 9.2.11-13, Adi 8.5, Antya 20.93
  andha—blinded    SB 4.6.12, SB 6.13.16
  andha—blind.    Adi 4.253, Antya 19.92
  andha—a blind man    Madhya 10.122
  andha-kūpe—in a blind well    SB 5.13.9, SB 5.14.21
  andha-avaṭa—a blind well    SB 5.26.34
  andha-buddhiḥ—who are illusioned and have become blind to spiritual knowledge    SB 5.10.20
  andha-dhīḥ—because of blind intelligence    SB 8.24.52
  andha-gaṇa—blind men    Adi 7.26
  andha-kūpa—like blind wells    SB 10.6.15-17
  andha-kūpam—which is nothing but a blind well (where there is no water but one nonetheless searches for water)    SB 7.5.5
  andha-kūpaḥ—Andhakūpa    SB 5.26.7
  andha-kūpe—in the blind well    SB 3.31.20
  andha-kūpe—in the dark well    SB 5.1.37
  andha-kūpāt—from the blind well    Antya 6.1
  andha-paramparayā—by a disciplic succession of blind. ignorant people    SB 5.6.11
  andha-tamaḥ—blind darkness    Adi 4.171
  andha-tāmisram—the sense of death    SB 3.12.2
  andha-tāmisram—andha-tāmisra    SB 3.20.18
  andha-tāmisram—to Andha-tāmisra    SB 3.30.33
  andha-tāmisraḥ—Andhatāmisra    SB 5.26.7
  andha-tāmisrāḥ—the name of a hell    SB 3.30.28
  andha-vat—like illusion    SB 5.14.21
  gṛha-andha-kūpāt—from the dark well of family life    SB 6.16.15
  jñāna-andha—blind to all knowledge.    Antya 9.68
  kare andha—makes the customers blind    Antya 19.98
  kare mahā-andha—makes one completely blind    Antya 6.199
  mada-andha—blinded by intoxication    SB 5.2.6

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