Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: anda

  aṇḍa—universes    Adi 5.67, Adi 5.72
  aṇḍa—universe    Madhya 15.177
  jagat-aṇḍa-nāthāḥ—the masters of the universes (the Brahmās)    Adi 5.71, Madhya 20.281, Madhya 21.41
  aṇḍa-saṁsthitam—situated within the universe    Adi 5.77, Madhya 20.251
  aja-aṇḍa-saṅgha—of the multitude of universes    Adi 1.9, Adi 5.50
  jagat-aṇḍa—of universes    Adi 2.14, Madhya 20.160
  aṇḍa bhedi—piercing the coverings of the universe    Madhya 21.141
  aṇḍa-ghaṭa—a potlike universe    Adi 5.72
  aṇḍa-golayoḥ—and the globe of the universe    SB 5.20.43
  aṇḍa-ja—one born from an egg    SB 5.18.32
  aṇḍa-ja-indram—Garuḍa, the king of all the birds, who are born from eggs    SB 8.10.57
  aṇḍa-kaṭāha—the covering of the universe (consisting of seven layers    SB 5.17.1
  aṇḍa-kaṭāha-bhittim—the strong coverings of the universe    Antya 1.164
  aṇḍa-kaṭāham—the covering of the universe    SB 7.8.15
  aṇḍa-kośa—the whole universe    SB 7.14.36
  aṇḍa-kośasya—of the universe    SB 2.8.16
  aṇḍa-kośaḥ—the universe, which resembles a big egg    SB 5.26.38
  aṇḍa-kośaḥ—egg-shaped universe    SB 6.16.37
  aṇḍa-kośe—within the universal shell    SB 2.1.25
  aṇḍa-kośāt—from the egg    SB 3.26.53
  aṇḍa-koṭi-koṭibhiḥ—millions of such universes    SB 6.16.37
  aṇḍa-madhya-gataḥ—situated in the center of the universe    SB 5.20.43
  aṇḍa-nicayāḥ—the groups of universes    Madhya 21.15
  aṇḍa-rāśayaḥ—huge combination of universes.    SB 3.11.41
  aja-aṇḍa—material planets    Madhya 21.17
  brahma-aṇḍa—universes    Adi 2.43
  brahma-aṇḍa—of universes    Adi 2.50
  brahma-aṇḍa-gaṇera—of the multitude of universes    Adi 2.105
  hiraṇya-aṇḍa-samudbhavaḥ—his material body was created from Hiraṇyagarbha.    SB 5.20.44
  jagat-aṇḍa-vidhāna-kartā—becomes the chief of the universe    Madhya 20.304
  āṇḍa-kośaḥ—the universe    SB 3.11.40
  āṇḍa-kośaḥ—egg    SB 3.20.15
  āṇḍa-kośe—within the global universe    SB 3.6.6

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