Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: anatha

  anätha—helpless    Adi 15.19
  anäthä—bereft of husband    SB 4.28.18

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: anatha

  anätha-bandho—O friend of the helpless    Madhya 2.58
  anätha-vargä—of poor women like me    SB 4.25.42
  anätha-vat—appearing to be bereft of their owner    SB 1.17.1
  anätha-vat—as if no one were there to protect them    SB 6.11.2-3
  anätha-vat—as if she had no protector.    SB 8.16.1
  anätha-vat—exactly like a woman who has no protector    SB 9.9.33