Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: ananya

  ananya—no other    SB 1.8.13, SB 3.19.36, Antya 9.74
  ananya—absolutely    SB 2.2.18, SB 3.1.35
  ananya—extraordinary    SB 1.14.21
  ananya—without deviation    SB 1.19.7
  ananya—not by others    SB 3.15.45
  ananya—without any other    SB 5.19.20
  ananya—by others    SB 8.1.16

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: ananya

  ananya-bhavah—those who are exclusively devoted.    Adi 3.89, Antya 3.92
  ananya-siddham—not perfected by any other ornament (self-perfect)    Adi 4.156, Madhya 21.112
  ananya-bhak—without deviation    Bg 9.30
  ananya-bhave—in an unflinching situation    SB 4.8.22
  ananya-bhavena—without deviation from the thought    SB 3.5.19
  ananya-bhavena—with equal vision    SB 3.28.42
  ananya-bhavena—with devotion    SB 6.18.35
  ananya-bhava—without attachment for others    SB 4.7.59
  ananya-bhavan—devoted    SB 6.18.64
  ananya-cetah—without deviation    Bg 8.14
  ananya-drstya—by nothing but devotional service    SB 3.13.49
  ananya-gatau—one who has no alternative for protection    SB 1.6.6
  ananya-hetusu—having no other cause    SB 3.27.30
  ananya-mamata—having a sense of relationships with no others    Madhya 23.8
  ananya-manasah—without deviation of the mind    Bg 9.13
  ananya-nathan—especially for the cowherd boys, who did not know anyone except Krsna    SB 10.12.27
  ananya-radhasah—for Rantideva, who was undeviating and desired nothing other than to serve the Supreme Lord    SB 9.21.17
  ananya-visaya—unalloyed    SB 1.8.42
  ananya-visaya—firmly fixed without deviation    SB 4.23.10
  ananya-vrttya—unfailing    SB 4.7.38
  ananya-yogena—by devotional service    Bg 13.8-12
  avyavadhana-ananya-bhakti-yogena—by uninterrupted and unflinching devotional service    SB 5.18.7
  ca ananya-bhavanam—and of the exclusive devotees    SB 1.7.25