Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: ananda

  ānanda—pleasure    SB 2.6.8, SB 3.16.27, Adi 9.47, Adi 12.53, Adi 13.66, Adi 14.20, Adi 17.68, Madhya 1.100, Madhya 1.130, Madhya 2.37 (and more...)
  ānanda—transcendental bliss    Adi 4.255, Adi 6.45, Adi 7.89-90, Adi 7.97, Adi 10.60, Madhya 13.30, Madhya 13.31, Madhya 14.198, Madhya 18.195
  ānanda—happiness    Adi 12.41, Madhya 9.208, Madhya 9.238, Madhya 9.325, Madhya 10.95, Madhya 13.27, Madhya 20.82, Antya 4.117
  ānanda—of transcendental bliss    SB 8.3.20-21, SB 8.17.6, Madhya 25.36
  ānanda—absolute bliss    Adi 2.107, Madhya 8.137, Madhya 20.154, Madhya 21.35
  ānanda—great pleasure    Adi 8.77, Adi 10.131, Madhya 11.196, Antya 19.4
  ānanda—bliss    Adi 4.72, Madhya 8.163, Antya 5.126
  ānanda—pleasure.    Adi 8.64, Madhya 1.155, Madhya 10.59
  ānanda—happiness.    Madhya 9.340, Madhya 10.115, Antya 15.27
  ānanda—the transcendental bliss.    Madhya 16.31, Madhya 16.34, Madhya 16.36
  ānanda—ecstasy    SB 1.6.17, Madhya 10.81
  ānanda—blissful    SB 4.12.18, Madhya 6.152
  ānanda—full of happiness.    Adi 1.87, Madhya 11.61
  ānanda—of bliss    Adi 1.96, Antya 20.12
  ānanda—the pleasure.    Adi 14.93, Madhya 4.206
  ānanda—pleased    Madhya 4.110, Madhya 5.114
  ānanda—great happiness.    Madhya 9.282, Antya 6.108
  ānanda—material pleasure    SB 5.4.14
  ānanda—fully blissful    SB 10.13.54
  ānanda—joy    Adi 4.187
  ānanda—bliss.    Adi 4.233
  ānanda—pleasures derived from them    Adi 7.85
  ānanda—jubilation    Adi 17.235
  ānanda—full of pleasure    Madhya 8.159
  ānanda—transcendental happiness    Madhya 9.100
  ānanda—very jubilant.    Madhya 11.208
  ānanda—happy.    Madhya 14.252
  ānanda—very happy.    Antya 12.97
  ānanda apāra—unlimited happiness    Madhya 14.154, Madhya 20.71, Antya 1.61
  ānanda-sāgara—an ocean of transcendental bliss.    Madhya 14.162, Madhya 14.164, Antya 10.76
  cit-ānanda-maya—full of transcendental bliss.    Antya 4.191, Antya 4.193
  parama-ānanda—transcendental bliss    Madhya 10.140, Madhya 12.180
  pūrṇa-ānanda—complete transcendental bliss    Adi 4.238, Antya 5.118
  pūrṇa-ānanda—fully in transcendental bliss    Adi 11.17, Madhya 24.182
  ānanda-mātram—impersonal Brahman effulgence    SB 3.9.3, Antya 5.124-125
  ānanda-samudre—in an ocean of transcendental bliss    Adi 4.254, Madhya 25.231
  aiśvarya-ānanda—bliss due to opulence    SB 5.24.8
  anubhava-ānanda—blissful perception    SB 5.9.9-10
  anubhava-ānanda-svarūpaḥ—whose form is blissful and full of knowledge    SB 7.6.20-23
  brahma-ānanda—the transcendental bliss of impersonal understanding    Adi 7.97
  brahma-ānanda—the pleasure of self-realization    Madhya 17.137
  brahma-ānanda—the pleasure of Brahman realization    Madhya 17.139
  brahma-ānanda—the transcendental bliss derived from impersonalism    Madhya 24.36
  caitanya-ānanda—of the name Caitanyānanda Bhāratī    Madhya 10.105
  cit-ānanda—spiritual bliss    Adi 7.113
  cit-ānanda—transcendental bliss    Madhya 14.225
  cit-ānanda—spiritual and full of bliss.    Madhya 17.135
  cit-ānanda—all made of blissful spiritual energy    Antya 5.122
  cit-ānanda kṛṣṇa-vigraha—the transcendental form of Kṛṣṇa, which is completely spiritual    Madhya 25.35
  cit-ānanda-bhānoḥ—of the direct manifestation of spiritual energy and bliss    Madhya 3.28
  cit-ānanda-deha—a body of spiritual blissfulness    Madhya 20.153
  cit-ānanda-maya—full of knowledge and bliss.    Adi 3.71
  cit-ānanda-maya—all-spiritual    Adi 6.24
  cit-ānanda-mūrti—spiritual blissful form    Madhya 9.191
  cit-ānanda-rūpa—transcendentally blissful.    Madhya 17.131
  cumbana-ānanda—the transcendental bliss of kissing by the Lord    Antya 1.163
  datta-ānanda—O Lord, You are the source of the pleasure    SB 7.8.47
  kevala-anubhava-ānanda-svarūpaḥ—Your form is sac-cid-ānanda-vigraha [Bs. 5.1], and whoever perceives You becomes transcendentally blissful    SB 10.3.13
  kṛṣṇa-kathā-ānanda—the transcendental bliss of talking about Kṛṣṇa.    Madhya 9.108
  kṛṣṇa-prema-ānanda—by ecstatic love of Kṛṣṇa    Madhya 10.109
  kṛṣṇa-saṅga-ānanda—transcendental bliss by the association of Kṛṣṇa    Madhya 8.226
  kṛṣṇa-sevā-ānanda—the transcendental bliss of serving Kṛṣṇa    Adi 5.11
  netra-ānanda—the pleasure of My eyes.    Madhya 2.75
  nitya-ānanda—of eternal happiness    SB 7.7.45
  parama ānanda—with great pleasure.    Madhya 2.77
  parama ānanda—very pleased    Antya 9.58
  parama ānanda—very happy.    Antya 13.71
  parama-ānanda—with transcendental bliss    Madhya 13.80
  parama-ānanda—the transcendentally blissful    Madhya 17.80
  parama-ānanda-mūrtaye—full of transcendental bliss    SB 6.16.18-19
  prabhura ānanda—Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu became very happy    Antya 9.127
  praṇaya-ānanda—due to transcendental bliss from a relationship of love    SB 7.4.41
  prajā-ānanda—sex pleasure    SB 2.10.26
  prema-sukha-ānanda—absorbed in the happiness of ecstatic love of Kṛṣṇa.    Antya 7.36
  prema-ānanda—the spiritual bliss of love of Godhead    Adi 7.85
  prema-ānanda—of ecstatic joy from love    Adi 17.317
  prema-ānanda—transcendental bliss    Antya 5.89
  pūrṇa-brahma-ānanda—full in transcendental bliss    Antya 8.21
  pūrṇa-ānanda—full bliss    Adi 2.8
  pūrṇa-ānanda—complete pleasure    Madhya 17.137
  pūrṇa-ānanda—complete bliss    Madhya 17.139
  pūrṇa-ānanda—filled with transcendental pleasure    Antya 15.2
  pūrṇa-ānanda-maya—made of full joy    Adi 4.122
  pūrṇa-ānanda-maya—full of transcendental bliss    Madhya 24.36
  pūrṇa-ānanda-prāpti—attainment of completely blissful life    Madhya 18.195
  rasa-ānanda—tasting the pleasure of conjugal love    Madhya 2.78
  sarva pūrṇa-ānanda—full of all transcendental bliss.    Madhya 24.41
  sarva-ānanda-dhāma—the reservoir of all pleasure.    Madhya 23.13
  sat-cit-ānanda—eternity, knowledge and bliss    Adi 4.61
  sat-cit-ānanda—always transcendentally blissful    Antya 5.127
  sat-cit-ānanda-deha—transcendental, blissful, spiritual body    Madhya 18.191
  sat-cit-ānanda-maya—full of eternity, knowledge and bliss    Madhya 6.158
  sat-cit-ānanda-maya—eternal bliss and knowledge    Madhya 8.154
  sat-cit-ānanda-sāndra-aṅgaḥ—the concentrated form of eternity, knowledge, bliss    Madhya 23.79-81
  sat-cit-ānanda-tanu—Kṛṣṇa's body is transcendental, full of knowledge, bliss and eternity    Madhya 8.136
  sat-cit-ānanda-ākāra—complete in eternity, cognizance and bliss    Madhya 6.166
  seva-ānanda—the joy of service    Adi 4.200-201
  sevā-ānanda—of pleasure from rendering service unto Him    Madhya 20.126
  sva-ānanda—of self-realization    Madhya 10.178
  sva-ānanda-tuṣṭaḥ—being fully self-satisfied by transcendental bliss    SB 7.15.45
  āśraya-ānanda—the joy of the abode    Adi 4.199
  ānanda antare—was very pleased within Himself.    Madhya 3.64
  ānanda apāra—there was extreme happiness.    Madhya 13.98
  ānanda bāḍe—pleasure increases    Madhya 3.204
  ānanda bāḍe—transcendental happiness increases    Antya 5.108
  ānanda bāḍila—his pleasure increased.    Antya 4.114
  ānanda dibe—will give pleasure    Adi 4.239
  ānanda ha-ila—there was much jubilation    Madhya 10.80
  ānanda ha-ila—there was great happiness.    Antya 2.44
  ānanda haila—there was great happiness    Madhya 9.306
  ānanda pāñā—getting great pleasure    Madhya 18.61
  ānanda sahite—with great pleasure    Madhya 7.141
  ānanda-aṁśe—in the bliss portion    Adi 4.62
  ānanda-aṁśe—in the part of bliss    Madhya 6.159
  ānanda-aṁśe—in bliss    Madhya 8.155
  ānanda-antara—very happy within Himself.    Madhya 3.40
  ānanda-anubhavaḥ—full of transcendental bliss    SB 5.4.14
  ānanda-anubhavaḥ—feeling transcendental bliss    SB 5.5.35
  ānanda-araṇye—at the place known as Ānandāraṇya    Madhya 20.216
  ānanda-cit-maya—made of spiritual bliss    Madhya 21.5
  ānanda-ghūrṇana—a whirlpool of transcendental bliss.    Antya 1.194
  ānanda-karam—a cause of pleasure    SB 4.7.32
  ānanda-karam—the blissful (moon)    SB 10.2.18
  ānanda-kolāhale—in great jubilation    Madhya 18.40
  ānanda-krandana—crying in pleasure.    Madhya 9.342
  ānanda-kuṇḍe—in the ocean of transcendental bliss    Madhya 19.230
  ānanda-maya—full of pleasure    Adi 13.101
  ānanda-maya—transcendental ecstasy    Madhya 2.50
  ānanda-mayaḥ—naturally so being    SB 2.2.31
  ānanda-mātram—simply blissful    SB 4.9.16
  ānanda-mātram—always in transcendental bliss    SB 8.12.7
  ānanda-mātre—the reservoir of all pleasure    SB 4.11.30
  ānanda-nidhim—the ocean of bliss    SB 2.1.39
  ānanda-rūpā—whose form is transcendental bliss    Madhya 23.95-98
  ānanda-sindhu—ocean of transcendental bliss    Adi 6.44
  ānanda-sindhu—the ocean of transcendental bliss    Madhya 13.170
  ānanda-unmāde—the madness of transcendental bliss    Madhya 13.171
  ānanda-viśeṣa—special jubilation.    Adi 4.235
  ānanda-vihvala—overwhelmed with transcendental bliss.    Antya 17.17
  ānanda-vikāra—transformation of transcendental bliss.    Antya 16.148
  ānanda-vismaya—transcendental bliss and astonishment.    Antya 1.121
  ānanda-āsvāda—the taste of transcendental bliss    Antya 15.58
  ānanda-āsvādana—the tasting of bliss    Adi 4.60
  ānanda-āveśa—transcendental bliss    Antya 10.75
  ānanda-āveśe—in great ecstasy    Madhya 9.94
  ātma-jñāna-ānanda—satisfied in self-realization    SB 5.9.1-2
  ātma-ānanda—of Your personal bliss    SB 6.16.20

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