Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: ananah

  ananah—His face.    SB 3.25.12
  ananah—and face    SB 7.8.30
  ananah—face    SB 9.4.43
  ananah—whose face    Antya 15.63
  ananah—with such faces.    SB 1.11.31

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: ananah

  catuh-ananah—with four heads.    SB 9.1.9
  dasa-sata-ananah—one who has ten hundred faces    SB 2.7.41
  dasa-sata-ananah—who has a thousand hoods    Madhya 21.13
  dasa-ananah—the ten-headed Ravana.    SB 9.15.21
  utkalita-ananah—whose faces blossomed    SB 7.8.35