Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: anagha

  anagha—O sinless one    Bg 3.3, Bg 14.6, Bg 15.20, SB 2.9.23, SB 3.7.35, SB 3.13.18, SB 3.21.3, SB 4.12.2
  anagha—O sinless Vidura    SB 3.19.20, SB 3.33.36, SB 4.7.49
  anagha—freed from all vices    SB 1.1.6
  anagha—O virtuous one    SB 1.6.22
  anagha—without any sins    SB 1.6.36
  anagha—without any contamination    SB 2.4.5
  anagha—without being tired    SB 2.7.32
  anagha—spotless    SB 3.7.39
  anagha—O spotless one    SB 3.7.41
  anagha—O pure one    SB 4.8.5
  anagha—O faultless Vidura.    SB 4.10.24
  anagha—O you who are free from sinful activities.    SB 4.29.34
  anagha—O spotless Vidura    SB 4.29.83
  anagha—O sinless Mahārāja Parīkṣit.    SB 6.2.23
  anagha—O supreme pure    SB 6.9.41
  anagha—O most sinless personality (Prahlāda Mahārāja)    SB 7.10.18
  anagha—O personality of transcendental goodness    Madhya 24.177
  anaghā—Anaghā    SB 5.20.26
  anagha-aṅghreḥ—of my Lord, whose lotus feet destroy all inauspiciousness    SB 4.24.58

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