Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: anadi

  anādi—from time immemorial    SB 5.26.3, SB 8.24.46, Madhya 20.117
  anādi—without beginning    Bg 11.19, SB 2.10.34
  anādī—without beginning    Bg 13.20
  anādi—beginningless    Bg 13.13
  anādi—without any beginning    SB 2.6.40-41
  anādi—from immemorial    SB 5.25.8
  anādi—existing since time immemorial    SB 6.5.11
  anādi-mān—the subtle body (existing since time immemorial).    SB 4.29.70
  anādi-nidhanam—without beginning and end    SB 1.8.28
  anādi-saṁsāra-anubhavasya—of the perception of the beginningless process of transmigration    SB 5.14.1

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