Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: amsi

  amsi—source    Adi 2.57, Adi 5.24
  amsi—the source of all incarnations    Adi 2.85, Adi 6.98
  amsi—the source of all expansions    Adi 2.84
  amsi—source of all incarnations    Adi 6.98
  amsi—amsi    Antya 10.15-16

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: amsi

  amsa-amsi-rupe—as the expansion and the original Supreme Personality of Godhead    Adi 5.154
  krsna amsi—Krsna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead    Madhya 20.315
  sarva-amsi—the source of all others    Madhya 15.139
  sarva-amsi—sum total of all parts and parcels    Madhya 20.153
  sarva-amsi—the original source of all of them    Madhya 21.120