Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: amse

  aṁse—on the shoulder    SB 1.18.30, SB 1.18.39, SB 3.2.24, SB 3.15.40, SB 4.20.22
  aṁśe—by the part    Adi 5.55
  aṁśe—in the incarnation    Adi 6.98
  aṁśe—by His plenary expansion    Madhya 20.305
  aṁse—shoulder    SB 5.12.5-6
  cit-aṁśe—in the cognizant portion    Adi 4.62
  cit-aṁśe—in the part of knowledge    Madhya 6.159
  cit-aṁśe—in knowledge    Madhya 8.155
  kona aṁśe—some part    Antya 3.95
  māyā-aṁśe—to the other portion of the material nature    Adi 5.62
  nimitta-aṁśe—in the portion as the original cause    Adi 6.17
  priyā-aṁse—on the shoulder of His beloved    Antya 15.51
  sakala-aṁśe—in every respect    Adi 6.69-70
  sat-aṁśe—in the eternal portion    Adi 4.62
  sat-aṁśe—in the part of eternity    Madhya 6.159
  sat-aṁśe—in eternity    Madhya 8.155
  suparṇa-aṁse—on the shoulders of His carrier, Garuḍa    SB 6.4.35-39
  tina aṁśe—in three parts    Madhya 6.158
  ānanda-aṁśe—in the bliss portion    Adi 4.62
  ānanda-aṁśe—in the part of bliss    Madhya 6.159
  ānanda-aṁśe—in bliss    Madhya 8.155

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