Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: amsa

  aṁśa—plenary portion    SB 1.3.5, SB 1.3.28, Adi 1.7, Adi 2.18, Adi 2.67, Adi 2.70, Adi 2.80, Adi 2.84, Adi 3.70, Adi 3.71 (and more...)
  aṁśa—part    Adi 3.68, Adi 5.73, Adi 5.74, Adi 5.116, Adi 6.10, Adi 6.24, Adi 6.25, Adi 6.26, Adi 6.31, Madhya 8.159
  aṁśa—portion    Adi 2.19, Adi 4.64, Adi 16.27
  aṁsa—shoulders    SB 1.19.26, SB 5.5.31
  aṁśa—partly    Bg 10.41
  aṁśa—puruṣa plenary expansion    SB 3.5.28
  aṁśa—partially    SB 3.5.36
  aṁśa—part and parcel    SB 3.5.38
  aṁśa—plenary expansion    SB 4.8.6
  aṁśa—part of    SB 4.8.6
  aṁśa—from a portion    SB 4.13.39
  aṁśa—of His part and parcel, the guṇa-avatāra, Brahmā    SB 8.5.21
  aṁśa—partial    Adi 1.39
  aṁśa—partial manifestation    Adi 2.6
  aṁśa—plenary part    Adi 2.48
  aṁśa—of the plenary expansion    Adi 2.98
  aṁśa—the plenary portion    Adi 3.26
  aṁśa—of plenary portions    Adi 4.78
  aṁśa—as part    Adi 5.91
  aṁśa—apart    Adi 5.107
  aṁśa—of the part    Adi 6.98
  aṁśa—personal expansion    Madhya 20.315
  aṁśa—of a part    Madhya 20.375
  aṁsa—on his shoulder    SB 3.17.21
  aṁśa-aṁśa-aṁśaḥ—a portion of a portion of a plenary portion    Adi 1.11, Adi 1.11, Adi 5.109, Adi 5.109
  aṁśa-aṁśa-sambhavaḥ—incarnation of the plenary portion of a plenary portion    SB 8.8.34, SB 8.8.34
  aṁśa-aṁśa-sambhūtam—a partial plenary incarnation    SB 9.20.19, SB 9.20.19
  aṁśa-aṁśaḥ—portion of a plenary portion    Adi 1.10, Adi 5.93
  aṁśa-avatāra—partial incarnations    Adi 1.65-66, Adi 1.65-66
  aṁsa-deśe—on the shoulders    SB 3.21.11, SB 8.8.24
  aṁśa haite—than a part    Adi 6.25
  aṁśa kari—taking as a plenary portion    Adi 6.22
  aṁśa-aṁśena—by an expansion of a plenary portion    SB 9.10.2
  aṁśa-aṁśera—of the part of the plenary part    Adi 5.116
  aṁśa-aṁśi-rūpe—as the expansion and the original Supreme Personality of Godhead    Adi 5.154
  aṁśa-aṁśāḥ—parts and parcels of Your body    SB 4.7.43
  aṁśa-aṁśāḥ—parts of Your plenary portion    SB 6.16.35
  aṁśa-bhuvaḥ—a partial representation    SB 9.20.23
  aṁśa-bhūtā—being a plenary expansion    SB 4.1.4
  aṁśa-bhūtāḥ—plenary expansions    SB 4.1.31
  aṁśa-bhāgena—by My plenary expansion    SB 10.2.9
  aṁśa-bhāgena—with all of His potential opulences (Ṣaḍ-aiśvarya-pūrṇa)    SB 10.2.16
  aṁśa-bhāgena—in full potency, with different parts and parcels    SB 10.10.34-35
  aṁśa-kalayā—by an expansion of My personal form    SB 5.3.18
  aṁśa-kalāḥ—part or part of the part    Adi 5.79
  aṁśa-varya—principal part    Adi 6.33
  aṁśa-vibhavaḥ—plenary expansion    Adi 1.3
  aṁśa-vibhavaḥ—expansion of a plenary portion    Adi 2.5
  aṁśa-yogena—partly mixed    SB 3.5.33
  ananta-aṁśa—from the expansion of energy of Ananta    Madhya 20.258
  avimṛṣṭa-vidheya-aṁśa—of the unconsidered predicate portion    Adi 2.87
  bhaya-aṁśa—the fear part    Antya 18.63
  śata-aṁśa—one hundred divisions    Madhya 19.139
  śata-aṁśa—a hundredth part    Madhya 19.140
  daśa-aṁśa-adhika-aṁśena—by one tenth of the former    SB 5.16.8
  dui aṁśa—two parts    Adi 6.14-15
  kalā-aṁśa—plenary portions, or portions of the plenary portions    Madhya 21.40
  koṭi aṁśa—millions of parts and parcels    Adi 6.13
  krodha-aṁśa—the part of anger    Antya 16.134
  kṛṣṇa-rāmera aṁśa-viśeṣa—particular expansions of Lord Kṛṣṇa and Lord Balarāma    Adi 5.153
  mahat-aṁśa-yuktaḥ—accompanied by the plenary portion of mahat-tattva    SB 3.2.15
  māyā-aṁśa—and external energy    SB 3.5.35
  nija-aṁśa—of His personal plenary expansion    Madhya 20.307
  nārāyaṇa-aṁśa-aṁśam—the plenary portion of the plenary portion of Nārāyaṇa    SB 9.15.17-19
  sadāśivera aṁśa—part and parcel of Sadāśiva    Adi 6.79
  sarva-aṁśa—all plenary portions    Adi 5.131
  sarva-aṁśa-āśraya—the shelter of all other viṣṇu-tattvas    Adi 5.131
  sei aṁśa lañā—taking that plenary portion    Adi 5.154
  sei vibhinna-aṁśa—that separated part and parcel of Kṛṣṇa    Madhya 22.10
  suparṇa-aṁsa-kṛta-aṅghri-pallavaḥ—the Supreme Personality of Godhead, whose lotus feet spread over the two shoulders of Garuḍa    SB 8.10.54
  sva-aṁśa—of personal expansions    Madhya 22.8
  sva-aṁśa-kalayā—My own plenary portion    SB 3.21.32
  sva-aṁśa-vistāra—the expansion of His personal forms    Madhya 22.9
  sūrya-aṁśa—part and parcel of the sun    Madhya 20.108-109
  sāra-aṁśa—the active principle    Madhya 8.211
  tiṅho yāṅra aṁśa—of whom that Saṅkarṣaṇa is also a partial expansion    Adi 5.48
  tāṅra aṁśa-gaṇe—all His parts and parcels.    Adi 6.88
  vibhinna-aṁśa—of separated expansions    Madhya 22.8
  vibhinna-aṁśa—His separated forms    Madhya 22.9
  viṣṇu-aṁśa sama—representative of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.    Madhya 1.178
  yat-aṁśa-viddhāḥ—being influenced by rays of Brahman, or the Supreme Lord    SB 6.16.24
  ye yei aṁśa—any part of this    Adi 17.332
  yāṅra aṁśa—whose plenary portions    Adi 5.76
  yāṅra aṁśa kari—taking as His expansion    Adi 5.106
  ātma-aṁśa-bhūtām—a potency of the Supreme Soul    SB 8.12.42

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