Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: amrtera

  amṛtera—of nectar    Madhya 2.31, Madhya 4.5, Madhya 8.108, Madhya 13.109
  amṛtera sindhu—the ocean of nectar    Madhya 2.48, Antya 5.88, Antya 11.106
  amṛtera dhāra—a continuous shower of nectar    Madhya 25.58, Antya 1.172
  amṛtera sāra—the essence of nectar    Antya 5.162, Antya 6.111
  amṛtera dhāra—drops of nectar    Adi 16.110
  amṛtera dhāra—constant shower of nectar    Antya 1.193
  amṛtera pūra—filled with all nectar    Antya 1.180
  amṛtera pūra—filled with nectar    Antya 8.101
  amṛtera sama—just like nectar.    Antya 6.304
  amṛtera sama—like nectar.    Antya 13.107
  amṛtera sindhu—ocean of nectar    Madhya 18.228
  amṛtera sindhu—an ocean of nectar    Madhya 21.98
  amṛtera sindhu—an ocean of ambrosia    Madhya 21.137
  kṛṣṇa-adhara-amṛtera—of the nectar from the lips of Kṛṣṇa    Antya 20.130
  mahā-amṛtera sindhu—a great ocean of nectar    Antya 3.88
  rasa-amṛtera—of the nectar of devotion    Madhya 8.141
  se amṛtera—of that nectar    Antya 17.45

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