Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: amrta

  amrta—nectar    Bg 18.36-37, SB 1.1.3, SB 2.7.13, SB 2.7.21, SB 3.16.6, SB 3.21.38-39, SB 4.7.44, Adi 7.89-90, Adi 17.85, Madhya 12.213 (and more...)
  amrta—nectarean    SB 3.15.22, SB 4.16.1, SB 4.16.3, Adi 9.27, Madhya 19.181, Madhya 19.182
  amrta—of nectar    SB 4.29.41, Adi 4.259, Antya 4.64, Antya 15.14, Antya 15.68
  amrta—of the nectar    SB 6.9.39, Madhya 8.211, Antya 17.69
  amrta—food for human beings    SB 2.6.1
  amrta—sweet    SB 3.23.29
  amrta—nectar, eternal    SB 4.9.11
  amrta—eternal life    SB 5.4.14
  amrta—and the very sweet ocean    SB 7.4.17
  amrta—with nectar    SB 8.8.33
  amrta—eternal    Adi 7.85
  amrta—which is like nectar    Madhya 25.151
  amrta—nectar.    Antya 16.97

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: amrta

  adhara-amrta—the nectar of the lips    Madhya 2.32, Antya 16.127, Antya 16.135
  adhara-amrta—nectar from the lips    Antya 16.94, Antya 16.97
  amrta-samana—equal to nectar    Madhya 14.225, Antya 17.38
  amrta-samana—like nectar.    Madhya 19.228, Antya 16.130
  para-amrta—more nectarean    Antya 16.151, Antya 17.44
  adhara-amrta—the sweetness of the lips    Antya 15.23
  akhila-rasa-amrta-murtih—the reservoir of all pleasure, in which exist all the mellows of devotional service, namely santa, dasya, sakhya, vatsalya and madhurya    Madhya 8.142
  amrta chadi—giving up the nectar    Madhya 22.38
  amrta ha-ite—than nectar    Antya 6.116
  amrta haite—than nectar    Antya 16.151
  amrta vine—without nectar    Madhya 25.278
  amrta-abdheh—who is the ocean of nectar    Madhya 13.80
  amrta-ambhodhau—in the ocean of nectar    SB 6.12.22
  amrta-ambu—water as pure as nectar    SB 8.2.25
  amrta-anna—nectarean rice    Antya 12.133
  amrta-arnave—in the ocean of the nectar    Antya 5.70
  amrta-artham—for getting nectar    SB 8.7.5
  amrta-arthe—for the sake of nectar    SB 8.6.32
  amrta-arthe—for gaining nectar    SB 8.7.1
  amrta-arthibhih—anxious to get nectar from the churning    SB 8.8.31
  amrta-arthinah—aspiring to taste the nectar    SB 2.10.26
  amrta-ayanani—as good as nectar    SB 3.1.9
  amrta-bhujah—those who have tasted such nectar    Bg 4.30
  amrta-bhuh—whose appearance is always deathless    SB 8.18.1
  amrta-bhajanam—the container of nectar.    SB 8.9.11
  amrta-bhajanam—the pot containing the nectar    SB 8.9.12
  amrta-bhajane—containing nectar    SB 8.8.36
  amrta-carita—nectarean characteristics    Madhya 4.170
  amrta-ghole—like nectarean buttermilk    Antya 17.38
  amrta-gutika—and the preparation named amrta-gutika    Madhya 12.167
  amrta-gutika—round sweetmeats    Madhya 14.28
  amrta-gutika—the sweet named amrta-gutika    Madhya 15.221
  amrta-gutika—sweetballs    Antya 10.118
  amrta-gutika—amrta-gutika sweetballs    Antya 10.125-126
  amrta-kalaya—by the drops of nectar    SB 6.9.41
  amrta-kalpani—as sweet as nectar    SB 5.16.16
  amrta-kala—moonlike    SB 3.21.45-47
  amrta-karpura—a preparation made with milk and camphor    Antya 10.26
  amrta-keli—a sweetmeat made of milk    Antya 18.106
  amrta-keli-nama—named amrta-keli    Madhya 4.117
  amrta-linga-siva—the Lord Siva deity named Amrta-linga    Madhya 9.76
  amrta-mani—the Kaustubha gem    SB 5.3.3
  amrta-manda—a variety of papaya    Madhya 14.29
  amrta-manda—another type of sweetball    Antya 10.119
  amrta-maya—as good as nectar    SB 5.8.25
  amrta-mayah—the source of the substance of life    SB 5.22.10
  amrta-mayah—full of soothing rays    SB 9.14.3
  amrta-mayan—made of nectar    SB 4.15.17
  amrta-mayaya—who awards eternal life    SB 5.18.18
  amrta-murtina—moonlike    SB 4.16.9
  amrta-nindaka—defying nectar    Madhya 3.46
  amrta-oghat—from the nectar.    SB 3.5.10
  amrta-phala—the fruit of nectar    Madhya 25.276
  amrta-sama—just like nectar    Antya 10.161
  amrta-sama—exactly like nectar    Antya 17.28
  amrta-samana—just like nectar.    Madhya 4.117
  amrta-samana—as if made of nectar.    Antya 4.172
  amrta-samana—exactly like nectar    Antya 17.38
  amrta-sindhu—of the ocean of nectar    Antya 15.14
  amrta-sindhu—the ocean of nectar    Antya 15.19
  amrta-syandi-kara—of his hand, which produces nectar    SB 6.11.12
  amrta-sara—the essence of the nectar    Antya 16.132
  amrta-udbhavam—produced from the churning of the ocean    Bg 10.27
  amrta-upamam—just like nectar    Bg 18.38
  amrta-utpadane—in generating nectar    SB 8.6.21
  amrta-vat—like nectar    SB 5.9.11
  amrta-venu-gita—and sweet songs of Your flute    Madhya 24.56
  amrta-venu-gita—of the sweet songs of the flute    Antya 17.31
  amrta-yantritah—being captivated by the nectar.    SB 7.13.20
  amrta-abhrtam—filled with nectar    SB 8.8.35
  amrta-anande—in spiritual happiness    Madhya 19.229
  amrta-asava—nectar like honey    SB 5.2.6
  apurva-amrta—of unprecedented nectar    Madhya 8.101
  sabda-amrta—nectarean sound vibrations    Antya 17.48
  caitanya-carita-amrta—the book named Caitanya-caritamrta    Antya 19.111
  caitanya-lila amrta-pura—the pastimes of Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu are full of nectar    Madhya 25.277
  caitanya-lila-amrta-sindhu—the ocean of nectarean pastimes of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu    Antya 20.88
  e amrta kara pana—all of you must drink this nectar    Madhya 25.279
  e-amrta—this nectar    Antya 20.152
  ei amrta—this nectar    Madhya 25.276
  kara-amrta—nectar of hands    Antya 19.38
  krsna-adhara-amrta—the nectar from the lips of Krsna    Antya 16.102
  krsna-adhara-amrta—the nectar of Krsna's lips    Antya 16.138
  krsna-lila amrta-sara—the pastimes of Lord Krsna are the essence of all eternal bliss    Madhya 25.271
  krsna-lila-amrta—the nectar of the pastimes of Lord Krsna.    Madhya 14.17
  krsna-lila-amrta-anvita—mixed with the nectar of krsna-lila    Madhya 25.281
  krsna-nama-amrta—of the nectar of the holy name of Krsna    Madhya 7.118
  krsna-prema-amrta—the nectar of love of Krsna    Madhya 8.259
  krsna-prema-amrta varse—he always pours torrents of devotional service    Adi 11.30
  krsna-prema-amrta-pura—the nectar of devotional service to Krsna.    Adi 11.40
  kanti-amrta—the nectar of His bodily luster    Antya 19.36
  kanti-amrta-dhara—the showers of the nectar of Krsna's bodily luster.    Antya 19.42
  karunya-amrta—of the nectar of mercy    Madhya 8.167
  lila-amrta—the nectar of Your pastimes    Madhya 14.87
  lila-amrta—the pastimes of Lord Krsna    Madhya 21.109
  lavanya-amrta-dharaya—in the shower of the nectar of bodily luster    Madhya 8.168
  lavanya-amrta-janma-sthana—the birthplace of the nectar of beauty    Madhya 2.29
  maha-amrta—in the great ocean of nectarean spiritual bliss    SB 7.9.43
  maha-amrta—transcendental nectar    Madhya 12.197
  madhurya-amrta—the nectar of the sweetness    Adi 4.139
  madhurya-amrta—nectar of sweetness    Adi 4.149
  madhurya-amrta—of the nectar of the sweetness    Madhya 21.146
  nija-adhara-amrta—the nectar of Your lips    Antya 16.133
  nija-amrta—its personal nectar    Madhya 21.130
  prema-amrta—of the eternal nectar of love of Godhead    Antya 3.254
  prema-amrta—with the nectar of divine love    NoI 9
  prema-amrta-vrstye—by pouring of the nectar of transcendental love for God    Madhya 13.174
  prema-amrta-asvadana—tasting of the transcendental bliss of love for Krsna    Antya 20.14
  purna-amrta—of the full nectar    Antya 20.12
  rasa-amrta—the nectar of such a taste    Adi 6.105-106
  rasa-amrta—the nectar of devotion or transcendental mellows    Madhya 8.141
  sei amrta—that nectar    Antya 18.86
  seva-amrta—of the nectar of service    Antya 20.14
  siddha-amrta-rasa-sprstah—the demons, thus being touched by the powerful mystic nectarean liquid    SB 7.10.60
  siddhanta-amrta-sindhu—the ocean of the ambrosia of conclusive truth    Madhya 23.121
  sva-carana-amrta—the nectar of shelter at My lotus feet    Madhya 22.39
  tat-rasa-amrta—by the transcendental mellow derived from that great literature    Madhya 25.146
  tanra jhari-sesa-amrta—the remnants of the milk of Vrndavana dasa Thakura's pitcher    Antya 20.89
  tarunya-amrta—of the nectar of youth    Madhya 8.167
  tarunya-amrta—eternal youth    Madhya 21.113
  upadesa-amrta—the nectar of the instructions    Madhya 23.126
  vamsi-gana-amrta-dhama—the abode of the nectar derived from the songs of the flute    Madhya 2.29
  vaibhava-amrta-sindhu—ocean of the nectar of Your opulence    Madhya 21.26
  vasudeva-amrta-prada—the giver of nectar to Vasudeva    Madhya 7.150
  ajna-amrta—the nectarean order    Madhya 4.180