Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: amogha

  amogha—Amogha    Madhya 15.245, Madhya 15.247, Madhya 15.249, Madhya 15.250, Madhya 15.272, Madhya 15.277
  amogha—infallible    SB 2.9.28, SB 3.23.10
  amogha—unfailing    SB 3.4.29, SB 3.10.30
  amogha—invincible    SB 1.15.16
  amogha—spotless, without a tinge of impurity    SB 2.9.8
  amogha—without sin, powerful    SB 4.14.42
  amogha—without fail    SB 7.3.22
  amogha—without failure    SB 7.4.3
  amogha—the son-in-law of Sārvabhauma Bhaṭṭācārya    Madhya 15.266
  amoghā—infallible    SB 8.16.21
  amogha śiśu—Amogha is a child    Madhya 15.287, Madhya 15.291
  amogha marena—Amogha is dying    Madhya 15.267
  amogha paṇḍita—of the name Amogha Paṇḍita    Adi 12.87
  amogha tārila—He delivered Amogha.    Madhya 25.254
  amogha uṭhilā—Amogha stood up    Madhya 15.278
  amogha-darśanaḥ—whose glance is all-auspicious    SB 6.5.32
  amogha-dṛk—one who is fully equipped in knowledge.    SB 1.4.17-18
  amogha-dṛk—the perfect seer    SB 1.5.13
  amogha-dṛk—one who has perfect vision    SB 1.5.21
  amogha-dṛṣṭiḥ—one who has attained clear vision    SB 2.2.1
  amogha-līlaḥ—one whose activities are spotless    SB 1.3.36
  amogha-retasaḥ—of that person whose discharge of semen never goes in vain    SB 8.12.32
  amogha-vīryaḥ—a person who discharges semen without being baffled, or, in other words, who must beget a child    SB 9.20.17
  marita amogha—Amogha would have died    Madhya 15.290
  sei amogha—that same Amogha    Madhya 15.296

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