Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: amhah

  aṁhaḥ—treachery    SB 1.17.32
  aṁhaḥ—sins    SB 1.18.41
  aṁhaḥ—sinful activities    SB 4.13.22
  aṁhaḥ—the sin.    SB 5.10.24
  aṁhaḥ—sinful    SB 5.25.11
  aṁhaḥ—the sinful reaction for killing a brāhmaṇa    SB 6.9.9
  aṁhaḥ—the sinful reaction    SB 6.9.9
  aṁhaḥ—a great sin    SB 6.11.13
  aṁhaḥ—the sinful act    SB 9.15.41
  aṁhaḥ—the resultant action of sinful life, which causes material bondage    Antya 3.181
  tat aṁhaḥ—that offense    SB 9.15.16

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